Male Fertility Doctor Serving Bay Area

Solutions for Bay Area Men Facing Fertility Issues

Male Fertility Doctor Serving Bay Area

Are fertility problems impeding your ability to have a baby? Obstacles are common for up to 15% of men, but they do not mean that becoming a father is impossible. The Turek Clinic has helped thousands of men in the Bay Area to fulfill their goal of becoming a dad.

Types of Fertility Problems for Men in the Bay Area

  • Azoospermia: Men who have absolutely no sperm in their ejaculate have azoospermia. Two types of azoospermia can affect men. The first is obstructive azoospermia, which means that a blockage in the male reproductive tract is preventing sperm from being released in the semen. The second is non-obstructive azoospermia, which means that the problem is likely related to sperm production in the testes.
  • Oligospermia: This is the technical term for “low sperm count,” which typically measures fewer than 15 million sperm in a milliliter sample of semen. Having oligospermia can make natural pregnancy more difficult, though possible — especially with help from Dr. Turek.
  • Cryptozoospermia: This is the diagnosis of men who were initially deemed to have azoospermia (zero sperm count) but are subsequently found to have at least some sperm in their semen samples.
  • Varicocele: Similar to varicose veins, varicoceles are enlarged veins in the scrotum that can impede the normal flow of blood and raise the internal temperature, which hinders sperm production.
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What Makes the Turek Clinic Special

Male Fertility Doctor Serving Bay Area

Dr. Paul Turek is a renowned male fertility specialist, ranking in the top 1-2% of his field. He has introduced many innovations to his field to help men — even those who have been declared infertile by other doctors — to have children. His extraordinary success rate is due in large part to Sperm Mapping, a signature technique that can find hidden sperm inside the testicles that can be extracted and used to fertilize an egg. Locating sperm in this manner often allows Dr. Turek to avoid more invasive treatments like a blind microTESE.

Male Fertility Treatments in the Bay Area

Male Fertility Doctor Serving Bay Area
  • Semen Analysis: This is a diagnostic test that assesses the amount of sperm and the quality of sperm that is found in a man’s semen sample. Dr. Turek pays attention to factors like the shape of the sperm and the motility (movement) of the sperm to help determine how likely natural conception is for a man.
  • Sperm Mapping: The Sperm Mapping approach allows Dr. Turek to check for viable sperm inside the male reproductive tract of men with non-obstructive azoospermia. If any sperm are located, Dr. Turek can use this guided map to retrieve the sperm and use it to fertilize an egg.
  • Microsurgical Reconstruction: This is an intricate surgery that reconnects or repairs a part of the male reproductive tract with the goal of improving the man’s fertility.
  • Sperm Retrieval: Following Sperm Mapping, Dr. Turek can extract sperm from the testicles or epididymis so that it can be used to fertilize an egg with a procedure like IVF or ICSI.
  • Testicular Biopsy: Testicular biopsy is another type of diagnostic test that involves taking a tiny tissue sample from the testicle that can provide information on potential fertility issues.
  • Varicocele Repair: Dr. Turek can surgically correct enlarged veins in the scrotum in an effort to improve the quantity and quality of sperm production in the testicles and limit discomfort associated with this condition.
  • Ejaculatory Duct Resection: If the ejaculatory ducts are blocked, this can stop sperm from combining with semen. By un-obstructing the ducts with a surgery known as TURED, Dr. Turek can help to improve a man’s chances of becoming a father.
  • Reverse Vasectomy: Men who wish to undo a previous vasectomy can have their vas deferens surgically reattached so that their sperm re-mixes into their ejaculate. If another doctor has failed to reverse a man’s vasectomy, Dr. Turek can perform the procedure correctly. 

Sexual Health Services

  • Erectile and Ejaculatory Disorder: Some of the problems that can make a natural pregnancy more challenging include erectile dysfunction (difficulty achieving and maintaining an erection), delayed ejaculation (difficulty ejaculating during intercourse in a timely manner), and retrograde ejaculation (ejaculate is released into the bladder rather than out the urethra).
  • Testicle Loss: While a single testicle can still provide enough testosterone for a man to achieve an erection and ejaculate sperm, it can reduce a man’s confidence. Dr. Turek offers testicle implants to men facing this problem.
  • Peyronie’s Disease: The formation of fibrous scar tissue causes the penis to curve or bend, which then makes having sex (or maintaining an erection) painful.
  • Low Testosterone: Men can counter low testosterone levels with hormone replacement therapy. This can help improve sperm production, mood, energy, strength, and sex drive.
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Painless, Nitrous Oxide Vasectomy

The vas deferens, which are the tubes that transport sperm from the testicles to the urethra, are snipped or sealed in a vasectomy. This prevents sperm from being released with ejaculate during sexual intercourse, effectively making the man sterile. Dr. Turek has perfected the no-scalpel option using nitrous oxide to prevent pain and anxiety.

Warmth and Professionalism for Superior Care

Male Fertility Doctor Serving Bay Area

Dr. Turek and every member of the Turek Clinic share the goal of helping men to improve their fertility and have a baby. We treat each patient with kindness and respect, prioritizing comfort and confidence through every step of the process. Our in-depth fertility knowledge allows us to customize a treatment plan that should optimize a couple’s chances of achieving a pregnancy.

Meet Dr. Turek

Dr. Turek is one of the most respected and globally recognized reproductive urologists and male fertility specialists, ranking in the top 1-2% in his field. His studies have been published in top health journals, earning him invitations to the White House and NIH in an advisory capacity. Since his greatest joy is in helping couples to become parents, he still makes plenty of time to treat new patients. If you are in the Bay Area and have had difficulty conceiving a child, have been told by another provider there is no hope, or are in need of another male health service, please call 1-888-TUREK-MD to start (or re-start) your fertility journey.