Patient Resources

Welcome to The Turek Clinic Online Patient Resources. Patient Resources offer additional information, publications, articles, presentations and links, all pertaining to men’s reproductive health care and underscoring The Turek Clinic’s goal of providing the best possible care by empowering patients with information and knowledge.

Dr. Turek’s Blog

Read about timely and important issues in men’s health that are regularly reviewed and discussed in his animated and inimitable way by Dr. Turek himself.

Patient Instructions

Get pre and post-operative patient instructions for sperm mapping, sperm retrieval, varicocele treatment, ejaculatory duct resection and vasectomy reversal.

Male Infertility Review

Dr. Turek is a leading lecturer in the field of male infertility. He recently gave a lecture on the latest male infertility research and findings to doctors attending a urology review at the annual meeting of the American College of Surgeons, providing an informative look into the most pressing male infertility issues.

Male Infertility Fact Sheets

Sperm Retrieval in Men with Testis Failure