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How Long Is Sex Supposed to Last?

How Long Is Sex Supposed to Last?

Sex is a lot of things to a lot of us and it’s been that way since the beginning of time. In the film Annie Hall, sex was found to be “the most fun you can have without laughing.” Mae West pondered that “sex is an emotion in motion.” And Billy Crystal noted that “Humans […]

Testicular Prosthesis Implants in Los Angeles & San Francisco

Who Can Benefit From Testicular Prosthesis Implants?

Name the only organ in the body that, when removed or missing, has been replaced with stone, glass, and rubber. Nope, it’s not the “glassy eye,” but that’s a good guess. A “heart of stone” is another thought, but it ends there. And “plastic emotions” really isn’t an organ, is it? And “morning wood” comes […]

How Patients Have Made Me A Better Male Fertility Surgeon

How Patients Have Made Me A Better Surgeon

I am the kind of physician and surgeon who likes to constantly improve. Sure, I deeply respect those things tried-and-true that work great and that get the job done. But I also have a knack for pushing the boundaries of my skill, knowledge, and medical discipline. In my humble opinion, garnered from cherished mentors over […]

The Ins and Outs of Sperm Freezing

The Ins and Outs of Sperm Freezing

Given the burgeoning popularity of egg and sperm freezing, you might think that this is new technology that quickly hit its stride. Although true with eggs, sperm freezing techniques developed even before the United States was born. It all started with Anton van Leeuwenhoek, the Dutch father of microbiology, who invented the compound microscope in […]

The original cell phone

Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Swimmers?

How much do you know about your cellphone? Did you know that the first cell phone call ever made was in 1973 on a 2.2 lb. Motorola? The first cell phone was released to the market in 1984 at a cost of $4,000, with a battery life of only 30 minutes. Currently, there are more […]

Figure showing opiate deaths

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Cure Our Opioid Crisis?

The opioid epidemic is one of the most lethal and pressing health issues in America right now. Deaths from opioid overdose now surpass 80,000 annually. That’s more than the number of deaths due to colon and breast cancers combined! Sure, much of the problem rests in the streets where fentanyl runs rampant. But realize too […]

Male Fertility & Overall Health in Los Angeles & San Francisco

Fertility Begins with Good Soil

You may remember the movie Raising Arizona, the hyperactive Coen Brothers comedy in which Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter, an unlikely and infertile couple (petty thief and policewoman), steal a baby to start their family. According to Cage, “Her insides were a rocky place where my seed could find no purchase.” This earthy analogy surfaced […]