Executive Management

Jennifer Harris, CEO

Jennifer Harris, CEOAs CEO of The Turek Clinic, Jennifer steadfastly maintains a focus on incomparable patient care and concierge service, ensuring that these remain at the forefront of the clinic’s ethos. Under her guidance, the clinic has become a model of successful integration of business strategies with premium and innovative and approaches. Boasting a dynamic career spanning over 25 years in leadership roles across both high-profile public companies and innovative startups in the med-tech and pharmaceutical sectors, she made a strategic shift from the corporate landscape to The Turek Clinic five years ago. This transition marked a significant pivot towards a more personalized and impactful approach in the healthcare arena. Her expertise in brand and marketing strategies, coupled with a strong commercial acumen, drives opportunities for business growth while upholding the highest standards of concierge-level patient care. Jennifer’s leadership is characterized by emotional intelligence and strategic vision, fostering connections that catalyze change and growth. Her dedication to building emotionally intelligent brands, combined with a comprehensive perspective on marketing and sales, positions her as a transformative leader committed to effective business and organizational strategies. Jennifer’s leadership and dedication are pivotal in cultivating a team environment where members feel valued and enjoy coming to work. This positive workplace culture directly translates into providing unparalleled concierge-level care for patients at The Turek Clinic.

Lauren Massey, Executive Director of Clinical Operations

Lauren Massey, Executive Director of Clinical OperationsLauren, as the Executive Director of Operations at the Turek Clinic, has dedicated four years with increased responsibilities to enhancing operational efficiencies with a steadfast focus on people and communication. Her journey from a certified nursing assistant to an executive role in clinical operations has imbued her with extensive experience in healthcare. At the Turek Clinic, Lauren leverages her expertise in both the clinical and administrative aspects. Her commitment to unparalleled patient care is at the heart of her approach, ensuring that every operational decision contributes to the highest standards of service and treatment. Renowned for her compassionate leadership style and commitment to continual learning, Lauren is also instrumental in creating long and lasting third-party relationships, further strengthening the clinic’s network and reach. She aims to create a successful, work environment where employees are valued, and partnerships are cherished. Embracing each new challenge, Lauren is passionate about impacting lives and leaving a lasting legacy through her work in healthcare.