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Prosthetic Testicle

Prosthetic Testicle Los Angeles

Recreate the Appearance of a Natural Testicle with an Implant

The decision to get a testicle implant is a very personal one. If you have lost one or both testicles to cancer or a traumatic accident, having a testicle implant may play an important role in your healing process. If you were born without one or both testicles, implants can help you enjoy the realistic look and feel that perhaps you always wanted.

Talking to a men’s health expert can clarify the available options and assist you in deciding how to proceed. Known as the Father of Testis Prosthesis, Dr. Paul Turek is a pioneer in the testicular implant field. Thanks to him, thousands of men have reclaimed a natural appearance and experienced a surge in self-confidence. But like you, they had questions and doubts at one point. Dr. Turek can answer all your questions about testicular implants and put any concerns or worries to rest during a one-on-one consultation.

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