Illegal Use of Dr. Turek’s Name and Image

We try to do good work and we aim to do this with honesty and integrity. Despite this, there are those out there who are using my name, or my image, illegally and in doing so, are tarnishing my reputation. By fraudulently personifying me and asking for money or other commitments, those individuals are undermining my credibility and reputation. We have seen a rash of “catfish,” persons who creates a false online identity in the hopes of luring people into romantic relationships. What worries me more is if these impersonators are proffering medical advice under my name or image, which could actually be outright dangerous to your health. In an effort to take back my name, I offer you the following good faith disclaimer:

“If you receive an email, text, social message or any other kind of virtual contact from me asking for money or selling a product associated with my name, or my image or my Clinic’s name, you need to know that it’s fraudulent. Do not partake or get involved. Anyone who uses my name or my image to try to take your money or sell you something is someone I would consider reckless and dangerous. They are undermining my credibility with you and the trust you place in me.  I encourage you to report all incidents to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)’s IC3 unit, their Internet Complaint Center at the following address: Please also visit for information about steps you can take to report and reduce SPAM messages in your inbox.”

Pay attention to social messages that seem too sensational and good to be true, or strike at extreme emotions such as love and sympathy to get you to do something, because behind this behavior usually lurks unsavory personality traits like revenge, greed and desperation. If someone is contacting you out of nowhere and asking for some favor, please be suspicious of a scam. Wouldn’t you go to your friends or family first for urgent money needs? Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and call these scammers out!

Please help me take back my name and protect people with real needs from being victimized by misleading persons who steal my identity. We strive to keep our work, and our reputation for doing it, fully transparent to the lay public and never try to act coercively or covertly.