Figure showing opiate deaths

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Cure Our Opioid Crisis?

The opioid epidemic is one of the most lethal and pressing health issues in America right now. Deaths from opioid overdose now surpass 80,000 annually. That’s more than the number of deaths due to colon and breast cancers combined! Sure, much of the problem rests in the streets where fentanyl runs rampant. But realize too […]

Male Fertility & Overall Health in Los Angeles & San Francisco

Fertility Begins with Good Soil

You may remember the movie Raising Arizona, the hyperactive Coen Brothers comedy in which Nicholas Cage and Holly Hunter, an unlikely and infertile couple (petty thief and policewoman), steal a baby to start their family. According to Cage, “Her insides were a rocky place where my seed could find no purchase.” This earthy analogy surfaced […]

Sleep and Fertility/ Sperm

How Does the Bedroom Help You Stay Sexual and Fertile?

Bedrooms are many things to many people. Usually, we view it as a place of rest, sleep and possibly sex. Lady Gaga called it her “stage,” albeit one that others aren’t allowed to see. Moby sees himself as a “weird, bald musician who makes records in the bedroom.” In many businesses, bedrooms are also boardrooms […]

Male Fertility and Manual Labor

Can Physical Labor Improve Men’s Fertility?

Not sure why, but I’m a big fan of manual labor. Maybe it’s because my dad was a blacksmith and welder who could build or fix anything. A true master of manual intelligence, his self-worth was tied to the fact that the building stands, the gadget works and the lights are on, and not on […]

Pre-Cum and Pregnancy

Myths Surrounding Pre-ejaculate and Pregnancy

Pulling out is a very commonly used contraceptive. Officially called coitus interruptus, this ancient method of birth control is also an inexpensive, organic, and hormone-free. Pulling out is defined as removing the erect penis from the vagina and vulva before ejaculation. Believe it or not, 60% of reproductive-aged women in the U.S. who have had […]

Drinking While Conceiving: How Booze Affects Fertility

Why does 60% of the world’s population over 15 years old drink alcohol? Some imbibe for social reasons, to enhance sociability and enjoyment, and others bend an elbow to help cope with problems or stress. Regardless of motive, excessively hitting the sauce, which has been reported in 25% of U.S. adults, can have serious social and […]

Infertility, Genetic Infertility

Will My Son Also Be Infertile?

It’s only been about a generation or so since we have come to realize that a significant chunk of male infertility is caused by subtle genetic changes in male DNA. Sure, syndromes based on larger, chromosomal alterations such as Klinefelter syndrome have been known for 60 years, but the finding of smaller DNA mutations causing […]