Can Stem Cells be Used to Create People?

We’ve known about stem cells for half a century. They are cells that not only make copies of themselves but can also become other types of cells and tissues. This kind of biological feat is unique in science and has the potential to cure disease. So why haven’t we seen more scientific success and stem […]

Sex After Cancer Beverly Hills, CA

Sex After Cancer

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, redeeming about cancer. And in many cases, treating it wreaks even more havoc on your body, mind…and sex life. But alas, broken crayons can still color, and much of what cancer does to unravel sex can be repaired. A Sex Trio In order to understand how cancer can affect a […]

Open or closed vasectomy Beverly Hills

Choosing An Open Or Closed Vasectomy in Beverly Hills

“Why aren’t open vasectomies more popular?” It was a good question and reflected the research he had done on the matter. Sometimes, it’s the simplest, most basic questions that get you thinking the hardest. What’s the Difference: Open & Closed Vasectomy What most of us do are called “closed” vasectomies: Each of the two sperm […]

Ripples of muscle lower tesosterone

Obesity, Exercise and the Testosterone Sweet Spot

He looked absolutely shredded. An all-natural body builder with more ripples than a lake on a windy day, he worked out 3 hours daily and it showed. But his testosterone levels were in the tank, far lower than normal and similar to someone who is overweight and doesn’t exercise at all. How is this possible? […]

Too Much Too Long: Steroids, Testosterone and Male Fertility

The “point-of-no-return” concept is everywhere in our lives. Innocence, virginity and aging are all great examples of the irreversibility of life. In the past it never occurred to me that steroid-induced male infertility followed the same laws of nature. But it does. Steroid Freefall I have taken care of men from around the globe who want […]

Sagrada Familia

The Data Is In: Little Care for Infertile Men

I was hoping my hunch wasn’t true…but it was. A decade ago, while debating with colleagues in Barcelona, I noted a trend in the medical care of infertile American men. Basically, they weren’t getting care. Yes, some were having semen analyses, but that’s about it — and that’s not “care.” Care includes documenting a patient’s […]

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The Evolution of a Men’s Prenatal Vitamin

Over the last decade, my view of vitamin supplements has evolved. Yes, I know that half of all Americans take a multivitamin daily. Maybe to replace dietary deficiencies. Or to keep healthy, prevent disease or stay young. But the honest truth is that except for treating actual vitamin deficiencies, hard evidence showing that vitamins can […]

climbing mountains, staying sexually healthy

Have You Hit Your Sexual Peak?

When do we hit our peak? Well that depends on how you define peak. Peak muscular strength in men occurs around age 26. In terms of smarts, Nobel Prize winners make their big discoveries at an average age of 40 years. And, as you might already know, men peak emotionally even later, at 50 years. But do […]

Peeling Off the Layers of Sexual Dysfunction

This Case of the Year is an actual patient of The Turek Clinic. A 13th century Franciscan friar named William of Occam proposed a way of thinking that is popular even today. Occam’s Razor states that simpler solutions are more likely to be correct than complex ones. Alternatively viewed, if one theory explains all observations, then […]

Saving dollars and saving sperm

Is "Saving it Up" a Myth?

She tells you that “it’s that time of the month,” which means that it’s baby-making time. You’ve been waiting for this and have duly refrained from sex or masturbation to stockpile the biggest quantity of sperm you can during her time of need. Is “saving up” sperm like retirement money a good idea? 401k Fund […]