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Creating Family After Spinal Cord Injury

The Only Upside of a Broken Back

One man was in a terrifying logging accident. Another dove into a shallow pond as a teenager. A third was the victim of a drive-by shooting. And yet another was in a horrific car crash. Miraculously, after surviving these unreal incidents, they shared the same problem: a spinal cord injury. And they all came to […]

ICSI for Male Infertility

IVF & ICSI: Is Less Actually More?

It is the single biggest advance in fertility technology since in vitro fertilization (IVF) was developed 40 years ago. It helps men with even the most severe forms of infertility to father children. It allows human eggs to begin life when they would not have otherwise done so. And it’s used in the vast majority of […]

Vasectomy Affect Sex Life

Does a Vasectomy Affect Your Sex Life?

As he was leaving after his vasectomy procedure, he suddenly turned around. With a big smile, and with the highest bird-chirp-shrill of a voice, he said: “Nice job, doc! Didn’t feel a thing!” And with that, he summed up the grass-roots understanding of what a vasectomy is: a male neutering exercise. Sorry guys, but that’s not […]

Future of Male Infertility

A Chance Meeting on The Future of Male Infertility

It was about as spontaneous as meetings get. The academic equivalent of a “pick up” ball game. But it was attended by a who’s who in andrology in England and Ireland. And the topic was one that we never seem to think about in our busy lives as infertility care specialists: What is the future […]

Common Vasectomy Reversal Questions

What Women Want to Know About Vasectomy Reversals

I see a lot of couples for vasectomy reversal procedures. As they gather information before proceeding, typically the partner, not the patient, fires off most of the questions. These queries come in two forms: questions directed at me and those having to do with the procedure. The Dirty Dozen Thank goodness that I’m a data-driven-doctor, […]

Diving Deep for a Man’s Health

As a surfer, I find spending time on the ocean wonderfully intoxicating. The power and pitch of the waves, the size of swells, the shimmer of the sea, all magnificent to behold. But, what’s beneath the water’s surface is truly a whole other world; one even more marvelous than floating on top. And so it […]

Intimacy After War Injury

Intimacy After War Injury

You appreciate a nice cold glass of water. And you rely on a steady flow of electricity to your home and work. Many of us also admire how modern technology keeps us not only engaged and productive but also organized. But when is the last time you reflected upon the most precious natural resource in […]

Are We Having Less Sex

Are We Having Less Sex?

If you ask, most people think others have more sex than they do. They would also say that if given the choice, they would have sex more often than they actually do. And most think that the elderly have very little sex. But are these perceptions really grounded in fact? Hardly. The Science of Sex […]

Preparing for Semen Analysis

How to Prepare for a Semen Analysis

You may do it all the time, but not for academic reasons. Now they’re asking you to provide a semen sample to see how it measures up. If you feel like you’re being singled out, don’t. Truth is, there’s a long history of looking at semen under a microscope. The Dutch lens maker van Leeuwenhoek […]

STIs & Male Infertility Los Angeles & San Francisco

The Skinny on STIs and Male Infertility

How many sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are there right now in the U.S.? Believe it or not, 110,000,000! That’s double the number of folks that get the flu each year. Talk about an epidemic! Not only that, but 20,000,000 new STIs are diagnosed each year. Fully half of these infections occur in 15- to 24-year-olds. Unfortunately, […]