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How Soon Should Couples Seek Fertility Treatment?

You’ve been trying to conceive but sparks just aren’t flying. You stopped using birth control pills (or pulled the IUD) and started having unprotected sex. With the help of an app, you figured out your most fertile time of the month and began timing sex to increase the odds. You switched to vegetable oils for […]

Does Producing More Semen Make You More Potent?

When it comes to health, love and possibly money, more may be better. But what’s the scoop when it comes to the amount of semen produced with ejaculation? Does more mean more potency or better fertility? Funny thing is, this issue really runs deep with men. In several religions, semen is precious and can’t be […]

Things That You Didn't Know About Your Penis

Things That You Didn’t Know About Your Penis

Honestly the human penis, that ultimate love muscle, is an architectural and biological marvel. At rest, it serves as a conduit for urine. When rubbed like a genie’s lamp, it takes on a whole other, Jekyll and Hyde-like character. And did you know that pound-for-pound the human penis is the largest in proportion to body […]

When is a pill just a pill like other pills? (Courtesy Unsplash.com)

Should You Buy ED drugs Online?

It’s simply incredible to see how the way we buy things has changed over the last two decades. In just 20 years, online shopping has gone from being non-existent to becoming a trillion-dollar industry. What with 360-degree product views, videos, consumer ratings, detailed sizing instructions, free shipping, front door delivery and EZ returns, shopping online […]

Sperm washing & fertility

Sperm Washing: What to Know

Why would anyone wash sperm? Are they like clothes that get dirty? Not exactly, but sperm washing can clean up the environment in which sperm find themselves. And it can concentrate the boys, so they pack a more powerful punch. On the downside, the act of washing sperm, which is literally putting them in tiny, […]

Dawn and sunrise

How to Overcome Failed Fertility Treatments

Failed again. Another month, another failed infertility treatment. Are you too frightened or tired or broke to keep going, yet unable to accept that end-of-the-road feeling? Here are some things to consider as the feeling of desperation sets in: Why didn’t it work? Find out more about what happened. If there is an explanation, and […]

How Sperm May Be Related to Autism Diagnoses

You see the headlines, “Autism increased tenfold,” “Autism 1 in 2 by 2025,” and you wonder if it’s really true and why. Well, the fact is that autism rates are increasing among children. In the 1970s, autism spectrum disorder was reported in 1 in 5,000 children. In 2009, it was 1 in 110. Currently, about […]