Dr. Paul Turek on Faculty of First U.S. Men’s Health World Congress

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San Francisco, CA–December 2, 2013—Dr. Paul Turek, director of The Turek Clinics in San Francisco and Beverly Hills, will be a guest speaker at the first U.S. meeting of the Men’s Health World Congress, to be held December 6-8 in Arlington, VA. Dr. Turek’s session will focus on “How to Establish a Men’s Health Clinic” with other noted physicians from around the world.“I am delighted to be a part of this inaugural congress devoted entirely to the science and clinical care of men’s health issues,” said Dr. Turek. “The collective wisdom of the congress faculty is outstanding and will certainly lead to new ways to help men help themselves.”The Men’s Health World Congress is a new and unique international conference for health care providers interested in improving men’s health. The 2013 event will feature the latest science and clinical knowledge in all aspects of men’s health including advances in early and late prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, infertility, sexual health, endocrinology and mental health, among others.More information on the Men’s Health World Congress can be found at: www.ismh.org.

About Paul Turek, MD, FACS,  FRSM

Male reproductive health expert Dr. Paul Turek is founder of The Turek Clinic, a leading health care destination for men worldwide, based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Dr. Turek is president of the Society of Male Reproduction and Urology, and a recent recipient of a prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant for research designed to help infertile men become fathers. A former Professor and Endowed Chair at the University of California San Francisco, Dr. Turek has pioneered innovative techniques for treating male infertility, including Testicular Mapping (also known as Sperm Mapping and FNA Mapping), and has helped to popularize the No-Scalpel Vasectomy. Dr. Turek has published some of the highest success rates worldwide for vasectomy reversals. He sits on the board of several high-profile organizations and is an advisor to the NIH and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He donates his time to help the working poor of San Francisco receive medical treatment as Chair of the Medical Advisory Board for the non-profit Clinic By the Bay. Dr. Turek blogs on a weekly basis about common medical issues, solutions and innovations at Blog.

About The Turek Clinic

The Turek Clinic, founded in 2008, is a leading men’s health practice specializing in male infertilityvasectomyvasectomy reversalvaricocele repair and other minimally invasive procedures using innovative and leading-edge techniques with success rates that are among the highest in the world. Its director, Dr. Paul Turek, FACS, FRSM, is a recipient of a prestigious National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant for research designed to help infertile men to become fathers. A complete biography of Dr. Turek is available on Wikipedia.