Dr. Turek Speaks to Scientists in Bejing aDr. Turek Speaks to Scientists in Bejing and to Clinicians in Shenzhen Chinand to Clinicians in Shenzhen China

San Francisco, June 10th, 2010. Dr. Paul Turek was recently invited to speak to the faculty and staff in the Department of Biological Sciences at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Tsinghua is one of the top scientific research universities in China. Dr. Turek’s presentation, “Male Infertility: A Window Into Men’s Health,” was based on his extensive research into the genetic basis of male infertility and its relationship to the later occurrences of prostate and testicular cancers that he recently published in these men.

“The meeting was the first step in establishing a working collaboration for future research into men’s reproductive health,” said Dr. Turek, a pioneer in men’s reproductive health and founder of The Turek Clinic in San Francisco.

“We were excited to have Dr. Turek speak to us about his research in the how male infertility may be a marker of later disease in infertile men,” said Professor Kee Keh Kooi, a noted stem cell researcher at Tsinghua University who invited Dr. Turek.

While in China, Dr. Turek also lectured and demonstrated FNA Sperm Mapping to fertility providers at the Shenzhen Institute for Reproductive Medicine, near Hong Kong, FNA sperm mapping is a minimally invasive technique he pioneered to locate sperm in the testicles of infertile men. The conference in Shenzhen was entitled “Update on Advances in Clinical Andrology” and during the meeting, Dr. Turek toured the assisted reproduction facilities at the Institute and forged research collaborations with the faculty. “China is faced with similar reproductive health issues as our own, but on a much larger scale. I look forward to working with these centers to improve the care that we deliver to patients” said Dr. Turek.

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