Limericks on My Mind

I’ve written a lot of limericks in my day. That’s what one listener called them, although they could simply be poems. But not the strict iambic pentameter kind. Much more relaxed than that. They are written about people who move me in some way and they typically pour forth the night before they are read. Over the last two decades, I have given them as toasts at a dozen or two weddings (including my own), funerals, university functions, and prim and proper celebrations of all kinds.

Holiday Piece

Last week, as I was sifting through the holiday cards sent to the office from patients around the world, I was moved yet again. Babies everywhere. And many cards have more kids on them this year than last year, always a good sign. What hit me at that moment was that we really do good work here in our little stretch of California between Los Angeles and San Francisco. And what we do, and the particular way that we do it, is only possible because of an effusively energetic and resolutely devoted team, which I consider…well…family.

Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

So, I wrote a limerick to my staff and delivered it at our traditional holiday lunch. As you will surmise, this particular piece was inspired by a Christmas carol:
God rest ye merry gentlemen,
There is nothing here to fear,
We will all take great care of you,
And of you parts so dear.
In Bethlehem, there’s Emily,
A monument of strength,
Whose smiles pour forth readily,
Through jobs of any length.
And unto certain shepherds,
We let Rachel take the ball,
She sports a flawless record,
Doing procedures with Dr. Paul.
And laid within the manger,
Of that furious front desk,
There’s Grisell who looks at danger,
And smiles, welcoming another test.
And when ye merry gentlemen,
Just think of going astray,
There’s Joslyn’s tough medicine,
That keeps the ball in play.
And in the back, lest you dismay,
Are Victoria and Ashley, such titans,
Who like angels from far, far, away,
Ensure our brand will heighten.
So, be merry all ye gentlemen,
For there is no place like this,
With style, substance and cinnamon,
To cure you of what you wish.

                            HAPPY HOLIDAYS!