What You Need To Know About Sperm Mapping From Its Inventor

Sperm FNA mapping is the GPS of the testicle, according to its inventor, Dr. Paul Turek, Director of The Turek Clinic in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since Dr. Turek first described and published it in 1997, using FNA mapping to find sperm in infertile men with azoospermia has matured beautifully as a valuable, workhorse tool in the field. Over the years, the technique has evolved to include more sites, found more sperm, and has remained extremely safe. And, as this lecture points out, FNA mapping has now become the main pillar in the “optimized” approach to the care of the azoospermic man that includes providing highly informative and minimally invasive techniques that also serve to reduce complications such as low testosterone levels after the fertility issues are over. Although constantly compared to microdissection testicular sperm extraction (mTESE), sperm mapping represents a more refined and elegant solution to a very difficult problem. Many thanks to the Puah Institute for commissioning this lecture. Please visit PuahOnline.org for more information. Thanks also to videographer Reuven Fauman of Truly Moving Stories and to David Kramer of Kramer Studio.
[youtube id=etTNT7SB4Mk]