Our Los Angeles Location

Located smack in the middle of Beverly Hills, The Turek Clinic Los Angeles location is accessible for male fertility and sexual health patients from around Southern California. Our Los Angeles office is a relaxing spot that allows you to approach your consultation or upcoming procedure with your mind at ease. Contact us today for the most unique medical experience of your life.

Reception Area

Enjoy the quiet, serene space offered in the “living room” atmosphere of The Turek Clinic. It was important for us to ensure that the medical space does not feel like the blank, stress-inducing environment of a normal hospital.

Front Desk

Expect to be greeted by warm, welcoming faces and truly efficient care in The Turek Clinic. Nothing less will do in our true “medical home” for men. Any needs or issues that may arise will be dealt with dutifully at the Concierge Desk.

Consultation Room

The Turek Clinic’s mantra is: “To take the best care of men, you must start by listening,” and it is fulfilled within our consultation rooms. Here is where your story is heard, as your story is the real heart of your care.

Procedure Room

The place where many of Dr. Paul Turek’s minimally-invasive procedures are performed. Expect to hear soothing jazz music, and know that you will be receiving the best care possible for your sexual health needs.