Our San Francisco Location

Located in the heart of North Beach, just up the street from Pier 39, The Turek Clinic San Francisco location is accessible to male fertility and sexual health patients from throughout the Bay Area. Our San Francisco office is a relaxing spot that allows patients put their minds at ease while receiving treatment from the world-renowned Dr. Paul Turek. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.


San Francisco architect Cass Calder Smith of CCS Architecture designed The Turek Clinic. Dr. Turek’s vision included an inviting, comfortable and convenient reception area that offers free Wi-Fi, refreshments and sports on a flat screen TV. The reception area is essentially the ‘living room’ of the practice.

Front Desk

The administrative areas of the clinic extend the warm, rich walls and dark carpet of the reception area. It houses our prompt, courteous and highly professional staff that are the backbone of The Turek Clinic.

Consult Room

Dr. Turek wanted a very non-medical, medical space to achieve his vision of a men’s health care practice. Here, you sit across a simple desk from your care provider, which symbolizes the partnership approach to men’s healthcare.

Dr. Turek’s Office

This is the inner sanctum, a place of deep thought, and where your follow-up care takes place, since Dr Turek handles most of the follow-up care on the phone, saving you time and eliminating office visits. This is also the place where Dr. Turek writes medical papers for publication and prepares lectures.

Wall of Fame

Dr. Turek’s degrees, honors and awards. Plus a nod to his favorite hobby – longboard surfing.

Procedure Room

The state of the art room where Dr. Turek performs many of the minimally invasive procedures that he has invented. Fully equipped with the latest medical equipment and some of the best classic jazz that you will ever hear.