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The case of the month is an actual patient of The Turek Clinic.
“Doc, I just gotta tell ya…your blog got me off the juice! I’ve been trying to stop testosterone for years, but the answer was right there in front of me on your site.”
Your welcome! Anytime.

A Case of Fear

He was a 45 year old police officer and former body builder who, like many others who use anabolic steroids long enough, have two fears when thinking about stopping testosterone supplements: 1) their energy will bottom out and they’ll never be the same, and 2) their normal hormone balance will never return once they stop. In short, they’re worried that they will feel like they’re 80 years old for the next 40 years.

No Reason to Fear

The blog is based on a lecture that I gave to medical endocrinologists in California, a state that loves its hard bodies. Most physicians are familiar with the effect that anabolic hormones have on suppressing normal testosterone production. The talk discussed several creative ways to restore natural testosterone balance while dialing down the anabolics using male fertility medications that are entirely unfamiliar to providers outside of our specialty.
If one simply stops anabolics cold turkey, the body needs time to restart producing its own hormones again. This can leave many men in the lurch, with bodies starving for testosterone and result in exhaustion, weakness and depression. My goal is to methodically ease off the throttle of anabolics while simultaneously stimulating natural testosterone production and keep the plane flying real steady.
Medications such as clomiphene citrate can increase pituitary “drive” to the testicles to “wake up” the system again after it is shut down by anabolics. HCG is a more powerful way to directly stimulate the testicle to make testosterone. Either way, the body makes its own testosterone again, rather than relying on anabolics for support.
The man in uniform did not do this by his lonesome. He printed out my lecture slides from the blog, brought them to his endocrinologist and asked him to follow the protocol I suggested. Maybe the officer was carrying heat in the form of a 9mm Glock pistol, but his doctor did just that. And the officer is now healing and healing well, and showing the world a new vibration.
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