Copiloting Your Care

“Dr. Turek, we’ve seen quite a few doctors about this problem. We want the best information on how to proceed so we can make the best decision going forward…”
Certainly, be glad to help.

Nose Forward

I admire patients who seek to pilot their care. In fact, given all the changes in U.S. medical care today, it’s becoming essential to do this. Not only that, it’s easier than you think in the modern world of tech and apps. Welcome to Healthcare 2.0:

As you can see, the world of patient engagement through telehealth is here to stay.

Our Cloud Clinic

In my opinion, nothing beats an educated and engaged patient. As an example, I reflect on my personal experience with sexual and infertility telehealth patients who have participated in our Second Opinion Clinic. Sign up, send your stuff to me and we review it all to see if we can help. And we do it quickly. Through this “cloud clinic,” I have quite a few telepregnancies (pregnancies achieved by advice and not visits). Now, how can you beat that!
So if you find yourself stuck in a sexual health rut or unstrung by infertility, consider getting a Second Opinion with us. Maybe your care doesn’t make sense to you or has not solved your problem. Maybe you just want better information and to have questions answered. Regardless, we co-pilots for you. In the words of one of history’s first pilots, Wilbur Wright: “It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill.”
Get a Second Opinion From Dr. Turek
To schedule a Second Opinion, feel free to give us a call at 310-499-9299 (LA) or 415-392-3200 (SF) or drop us an email at [email protected].