Family Planning with Vasectomy??

The case of the month is an actual patient of The Turek Clinic.
They’re out there, but you must be patient and observant. And when you come upon one, it is unmistakable: the moment theory becomes fact. You play cards and you know that a royal flush is possible, but you don’t really believe it exists until you see one.

Ace in the Hole

I was minding my own business when a couple came to me for a vasectomy reversal. The couple had a child, and then he had a vasectomy. They decide to have more children and he had the vasectomy reversed. Enter another child. But here’s where their story veers off the beaten path. Figuring that they’re now done with family building, they get another vasectomy. All good. But now they want more children and they’re sitting in front of me giggling and smiling. And I’m still counting on my fingers how many procedures he’s had.
And soon after that, another couple comes in, this time from Alaska, with the same story and the same innocent, delighted, wonder-if-its-possible look!

Special Sightings

So what’s so special about these sightings? Well, based on our published series of over 1200 vasectomy reversals, and noting how reversible they really are at almost any age, I theorized that vasectomy is the new condom: A reasonable way for men to take control of family planning. Sure this garnered serious international coverage, as vasectomies have traditionally been perceived only as “permanent contraception.” It was sacrilegious and slapdash for me to deem them “temporary.” Yet, sitting right in front of me were real live demonstrations of exactly what I postulated to be true.

Horse’s Mouth

When I asked them, “Why so many vasectomies?” they responded: “Works great,” “Carefree,” “She cannot tolerate anything hormonal,” and “It’s so simple.” No accidents, no muss and no fuss. Family Planning? Check. The royal flush of contraceptives.
Will another vasectomy reversal be possible? We’ll see. I have a few neat tricks up my surgical sleeve for cases like this. Remember, one man’s magic is another man’s science.