Cheers from The Holiday Wall

Imagine my surprise! After creating limericks for years and years for all sorts of occasions, like weddings, birthdays, fundraisers, roasts and parties, I got a little taste of my own medicine this week.
The Turek Clinic office staff were beside themselves after our Holiday Lunch at the Town Hall Restaurant in downtown San Francisco. “Was it too much coffee? Too much chocolate?” I wondered as I watched the four of them assemble in front of me, giddy-as-get out.
Then they started singing. Yep, I picked up the melody pretty quickly: “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” However, gone were the partridges in pear trees, turtle doves, geese-a-laying or pipers piping. Instead, they sang the following infused with laughter (last verse):
On the twelfth day of Christmas, Dr Turek gave to me:
12 IVF weeks
11 Salesforce leads
10 Testopels planted
9   New patient visits
8   Labs awaiting
7   Sperms-a-swimming
6   Scripts for sending
5   Stars for service
4   Patient tools
3   Calls per hour
2   Back-to-back reversals
And a patent to make sperm cells
I was in stitches. The references are particular to the practice but delightful nonetheless. It appears I have a pile of poets working for me.
And of course there’s the annual Holiday Wall of Cards in the office. The wall is again filled with cards and notes from patients, colleagues and friends. More kids than ever smirking and smiling at me from all corners of the world. The true spirit of the holidays has taken root and it feels absolutely lovely.
On behalf of The Turek Clinic, please:

                           Have a Wonderful Holiday!