How to Treat Early Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate

Enlarged Prostate Early Symptoms
The charm (and reality) of the balloon. (Courtesy:

Ok, so you’re not a spring chicken anymore. Maybe it takes a little longer to finish urinating. Maybe it’s harder to write your name in the snow. Maybe the interval between voids is much shorter than it used to be. Or, your warning signal that it’s time to go is immediate and more intense. Even more annoyingly, maybe you’re now getting up at night to urinate. Should you be worried that you’re falling apart?

Older is Really Better…Overall

No, you’re not falling apart, but don’t forget you hit your physical peak at age 26, and now you are…well…aging. With this comes wisdom, confidence, kindness, gray hair and incrementally small but noticeable changes to how your organs work.

This includes your bladder and prostate. Think of this system as a balloon (the bladder) attached to a straw (the urethra). The prostate is like two fingers pinching the straw where it attaches to the balloon. As we age, the balloon becomes less flexible, doesn’t hold as much and doesn’t contract with the same force. Not only that, but the prostate slowly enlarges and the “fingers” gradually pinch down on the straw more and more and narrow the passage. So, the pump doesn’t work as well and the pipes are narrowed. Less flow force and more flow resistance causes the symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH.

Go with the Flow

So, what’s a guy to do? Well we now know that these symptoms are not harmful to the body. Not unless you absolutely cannot pee or you have a urinary tract infection. If these things occur, you should get to a doctor. In their absence, we treat based on your “bother” score. If your life is bothered by these changing symptoms, then see a urologist. There are also some basic things you can do to help. If you’re getting up at night, try limiting your fluid intake within 2 hours of bedtime. Avoid alcohol, teas, coffee or other caffeinated beverages after dinner. The less fluid in your body before bedtime, the less urine you’ll make at night.

To reduce the heightened sense of urgency, try urinating more on a schedule to avoid getting to the point of urgency. In other words, time your voids to avoid overfilling the bladder. If your symptoms are past all of this, then consider alpha blocker medications that will relax the finger pinch on the straw and open up the channel again. Another class of medications termed 5-alpha reductase inhibitors actually shrink the prostate by about one third and can also help open the pipes back up. If medications fail, minimally invasive procedures and surgery are very effective at restoring the force of urination by opening the urethra and reducing prostatic obstruction. Realize, too, that most men do not require surgery to feel better, as less-invasive approaches usually work just fine. Go with the flow and remember that although you are getting older, you don’t have to feel like you are.

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    1. Dear Tom, yes they are but typically for more severe symptoms.These procedures can have more complications than pills or home remedies.

  1. Dr. Turkey,
    Your practice may be just what I’m looking for. I must a strange prostate. as I was having some problems back in my 30’s and for the life of me I can’t remember what the symptoms were. With prostate massage and meds I was fine after awhile I was fine. I am now 71. Please don’t say I’m too old for sex! After unbelievable number of test and still constant PSA test. He is finally convinced it’s not cancer. He was obsessed with that. I was on Tamusolin which worked well but when i noticed since going to the Urologist then taking the Tamulosin my sex live started to be affected.Noway I was going to put I with that. I have always quite sexually active. I researched every pill I was taking for side negative side affects..First to go was Tamolosin an a couple more with other doctors and switched to alternative meds. During being treated by Dr. Bruno, I had an dry erection, first of my life. I was explained to me. I hated it but could live with it. My BHP problem are just about gone, no problem.I take Finasteride, 5mg once a day andAlfuzosin HCL 10 mg twice a day. Now my problem which my Urologist said he has nothing to do with. After drugs weren’t doing everything I expected I remember Cialis 10 mg a day which has helped immensely. I know the commendation dose is 5 mg a day and I intend to contact the manufacturer quickly I hope the 10mg a day may be acceptable. I feel so much better and helped. On my own I added it and by the next day things were better. When I took Cialis occasionally in the past it had really no effect on me. Now I am taking it everyday with the other meds and what a difference for BHT but also my sexual heath. There is no problem getting an erection, could be harder but is OK. From there on in I am back in my sexual heaven. During ejaculation and climax is a problem. I get as possibly close to ejaculation and climax and that’s where I stay. It is truly driving me crazy. I keep trying to get through to the end and in most cases go right into another round of sex. Now i am masturbating and I feel finally I am going to ejaculate and get my great pleasure back. At that moment it will not not go another further. I just went on masturbating and kept that feeling right along ago. If you put yourself in my situation I’m sure you could appreciate my problem. My Urologist just ignores it. I want to switch To another Doctor but cannot find one locally that is involved with this problem. I did extensive research and they seem to point to a mental condition. Ten years ago I needed help from a Psychiatrist with a problem we worked out. We became such good friends and though I didn”t need his services I still see him once a moth for each of us to bring each other up to date. When I told him about the ejaculatory and climax problem pointing to a mental problem he laughed and said definitely said ” Oh not you by any doubt.” S here I am slowly loosing my mind. I am sorry to waste all the time for you you but if I would make an appointment with you immediately to discuss this but I live in Danbury, Connecticut and in my current financial situation it is impossible to make trips to to West Coast. So this all boils down to ask if there is anywhere around this are like your practice.
    I am so sorry for the rambling on but I am getting extremely experiencing this. Fells just like there is a blockage to be broken though and a small one at that. Again I apologize for taking your time but it is truly driving me crazy. If yoy could possibly be aware of anyone in my are in would be so gratefully appreciated. Thank you so much for reading this,
    Anthony Navratil 19 Main St Apt 512
    Danbury Connecticut, 06810
    cell/text 203-456-0685
    home phone 203-730-0549
    Keep up the great work!

    Sorry for the intrusion and many thanks fr reading

  2. What are my long term prospects for prostate health if I have to periodically abstain from sex for around twenty days per month, for travel, and will absolutely not masturbate? I almost never have a nocturnal emission. During the other 9 to 10 days I will usually get 6 to 7 ejaculations. I’m 39 years old and in good shape, 177in 160lb, exercise daily. I also wonder if there are pathogens or free radicals building up in my prostatic fluid that might harm my wife. What do you think?

    1. Dear Ryan, although it appears that regular ejaculation is good for the prostate, it is not clear what variable degrees of abstention from ejaculation means for prostate health. I certainly would not worry about pathogens (besides the usual STDs) or free radicals in ejaculate hurting your wife!!

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