Can I Tell You About “If I Could Tell You?”

Do you believe in happenstance? How does one sperm among millions find the egg and create life? Is it plain old luck that wins the jackpot lottery? My life has taken many significant turns by happenstance. How about meeting my wife, finding a love for microsurgery, and starting a free medical clinic for the working poor, to name a few. I am a believer that chance events can lead to heretofore unpredictably wonderful experiences. Are you?

Hollywood Happenstance

Well, happenstance happened again. After talking with the Clyde Brothers about their latest work, a short film about infertility, my life took another gravitational shift. Rob Clyde has his own, very real, infertility story and this movie artfully expresses how profoundly he was affected by it. I viewed his work and I could not say no; I just had to get involved. And now I’m an executive producer!
Imbibed with the intense emotions, both tender and searing, that fill the lives of infertile couples, this little film has a heart like no other. And all is capably conveyed by Avery Clyde (“Life with Fiona”), Kevin Richardson (of The Backstreet Boys), Sharon Lawrence (“NYPD Blue”), Jim O’Heir (“Parks & Recreation”) and Joel Bryant (“The Heartbreak Kid”) in the film. It’s a poignant piece that’s rip-roaringly real.

Reality Check

But there’s more. This little-short-that-could reveals an all too ignored, teachable moment on its tear soaked sleeves: that infertility is a real disease! As real as cancer or death. Make no mistake; infertility has profound and palpable effects on the lives it affects. And, it is my hope that, through this and other examples of Hollywood’s finest art form, infertility takes its rightful place as part of mainstream storytelling integral to modern life.
Interested? Please join me in supporting The Clyde Brother’s film “If I Could Tell You.” Take an evening off from politics and come to the LA premiere of the movie on Tuesday, August 2nd (get your tickets here, space is limited). If you can’t make the premiere, then download the movie on iTunes (Canadian iTunes customers, can order here), or on demand provider of your choice, and experience for yourself the tale that I tell. And, regarding happenstance, in the words of Happenstance author Jamie McGuire: “Who says it’s all of a sudden?
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