Living the Fertile Lifestyle, Again

He’s sitting in front of me. He wants more children. The only thing getting in the way is the vasectomy he had a dozen years back. Or is it? Sure, he’ll need microsurgery to reverse it. Heck, I’m a Midas man and can fix the exhaust. But, if the engine isn’t running, well that’s a whole other problem.

Check, Check, Check it Out

And that’s one good reason why the office visit before a vasectomy reversal procedure is so important. Is this father-to-be living what I call “the fertile lifestyle” that optimizes his chances of conceiving? He may have been taking great care of himself back in his prime, a decade or two back, but what about now?
The other good reason for the office visit is to make sure that there is enough plumbing down there to get things reconnected as some vasectomists excise large pieces of tubing, chortling ”there’s no way this one’s gonna fail!!”

No Holds Barred

So, what is the “fertile lifestyle?” Basically, it’s treating your body like the temple that it is, your single best investment in life. It’s based on the concept that a healthy body is a good reproductive body. You know, the fertility-as-a-biomarker-of-health stuff I always talk about. Here’s what I review in detail at that visit:
How does he look? Stressed, overweight and unfit is not hip.
What are his medical problems? Blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, asthma can keep the body down and, along with it, fertility.
What surgery has he had? Are all parts in order and running well?
What medications is he taking? Less is best; a clean body means healthy sperm
What are his social habits? Smoking and tubbing? Go directly to jail, do not pass “Go.” Come back in 3 months.
What is he eating? Think Paleo or Mediterranean for good antioxidants.
What are his vital signs? Waist circumference well under 40” please!
How’s the junk? Big testicles mean busy testicles. Also, need some tubing to get things back together.
During this visit, many men have said: “So, I actually have to be in good shape for this, eh?” And I say: “I’m not just getting you ready to be a father again; I’m getting you ready for the second half of your life!” Sure the baby photos are cute, but adding 5-10 years to a man’s life on this good earth? Priceless.