Movember and the Beauty of the Beast


On Target

Movember got it just right this year with their theme: “Stopping men dying too young.” Focused on testicular cancer, prostate cancer, mental health and male suicide, Movember has laudable goals of reducing death due to these conditions by 25-50% by 2030. Just assume it’s possible and make a plan, and they have.

In Our Sights

Many believe that the problem with men is that they are difficult to engage, especially when it comes to health. But let’s assume that they can be engaged and work within that construct. The next thing we need to understand the beast with which we’re dealing.

Man Behavior 101

  • They show up at the door of care when in either severe or chronic pain.
  • You can find them in emergency rooms if something, say an injury, draws significant blood or threatens their lives.
  • They will appear in medical offices if frightened or out of control or if their sense of immortality is threatened.
  • They respond well to numbers and like to improve them if they can.
  • They will do almost anything for those they love.
  • They like hearing things in plainspeak and not medspeak.
  • They respond well to humor and to honor.
  • They can be found: 98% of men ages 18-45 years have a smartphone.
  • The best place to find men is where they are: at home, at work, or with buds.

So this is the wild animal that we need to reach. And engage. And keep from dying. Now, using what we now know, let’s join Movember and think of creative ways to improve the lives of the men we love. In the words of sci fi novelist George R.R. Martin, “You cannot tame a dragon with a history lesson.”