The "One and Done" Prescription for Male Fertility and Contraception

One and Done
The Zipper: the definition of doing and undoing.
The Case of the Month is an actual patient of The Turek Clinic.
They sat down in front of me, both a little giddy about the idea of having another child. “I have boys and she has one too. We’d like to have one more, hopefully a girl,” he said. She nodded in agreement. They were newlyweds and they wanted one more addition to the family.

Fun Without Laughing

He had a vasectomy after his two boys, a couple of years back. I reviewed two options for them: Vasectomy reversal or sperm retrieval and IVF-ICSI. With a vasectomy reversal he would need to think about contraception all over again after having a child. Taking the IVF road, he could keep his vasectomy and just harvest some sperm from behind it.
In the middle of my explanation of their options, she blurted out: “Not interested in IVF. Not into all the hormones. We want to try at home, the old-fashioned way.”
“Ok…” I said, and I ended that line of conversation pronto.

If You Love It, Keep It

“Is it possible to get another vasectomy after it’s reversed?” he asked innocently, hoping that it was indeed possible but not knowing for sure. “Why of course!” I responded, “it’s a 12-minute procedure rather than the usual 8 minutes.” I have patients going back and forth all the time, I reassured him. “That’s good to know,” he responded, “because I REALLY like having a vasectomy. It’s so reliable and care free.”
I’ve always felt it important to respond to my patients’ needs. To design care for them as individuals. Indeed, this kind of thinking gave rise to the now popular Brosectomy® in which men have vasectomies in unison. And this, my friends, marks the origin of the “One & Done” Vasectomy Reversal Care Package at The Turek Clinic. I’ll do the reversal and you do the kid. Once the work is done, we’ll take care of the next vasectomy for you.