Patient Testimonial: Dr. Turek, "The Miracle Worker!"

We get a a lot of very special, personal and wonderful news from our patients at The Turek Clinic. Sometimes they are generous enough to share their stories with us. With their permission, we
“Here is our story! Please let me know how I can share it with future patients :-)
My wife and I are thrilled to report that we just had our first baby boy!
“Cole Michael” was born on February 28th, 2012 weighing 8 lbs. 1 3oz. and measuring 21.5 inches long. Both mommy and baby are doing great.
Dr. Turek is an ‘angel’ from God that performed a miracle for me and my growing family. A brief history: I went through a divorce 4 years ago that left me with two beautiful boys, and a vasectomy. Shortly afterwards, I met the love of my life. After dating for 11 months we got engaged and decided that we wanted children of our own so I called up my urologist (the same one that performed the vasectomy) and scheduled the surgery to have everything undone.
He assured me that he had done this type of surgery before with enough success to have me commit to moving forward with him (you would think the one that closed it up could open it back up… I was so wrong)! The surgery was very painful; a lot of bruising and I had a huge hematoma that stretched from the top of my right hip bone down to the bottom of my buttocks. The recovery lasted two full weeks – I couldn’t get off the couch for the first week because the pain and swelling was so horrendous. But I kept saying to myself, ‘it will all be worth it if I can get viable sperm again.’ Needless to say, the surgery was unsuccessful and left me with residual amounts of pain, scaring, and a $7,500 bill to pay.
My fiancée and I were very disappointed and desperate to have the procedure done correctly. I went back to my doctor and expressed my deep concern of the outcome of the surgery and the only thing that he could recommend is that I should consult with Dr. Turek in San Francisco. Dr Turek specializes in fixing vasectomies that didn’t take the first time. He’s world renowned, and has an impressive track record of successful outcomes. I just wish he would have referred me from the start versus trying to perform it himself and leaving me nothing to show for it but a lot of pain.
So I took his advice and immediately went on The Turek Clinic Web site. I was very impressed and immediately scheduled a consultation with Dr. Turek. I told him my story: 4 year old vasectomy, with an 8 month old failed vasectomy reversal. Dr. Turek said, “This is my area of expertise. I like challenges so lets see what we can do.” And after going over his success rates it was clear that he is the one that should have been doing this procedure from the very start.
I had the surgery performed in January 2011, was married June 4th, 2011 and we had our first baby February 28, 2012. What an amazing blessing to be celebrating our first wedding anniversary ‘with’ our beautiful baby boy!
There are three things that make Dr Turek the leader in this type of procedure:

  1. Pain management: It’s amazing when the surgery is done correctly the first time how much ‘less’ pain medicine is needed and how the recovery was expedited (I had very little swelling and only had to use the pain medicine for two days).
  2. After care is unparalleled: Dr. Turek is there from surgery all the way up to conception and his staff are amazing. Constant support and communication through: office visits, email and phone calls.
  3. Positivity! Dr Turek’s clinic gave my wife and I a feeling of hope and optimism from day one.

We feel so blessed to have Dr. Turek in our lives and its amazing to think how gifted his talents are to bring life to parents when at one time there was no hope. He is our angel!!”
Kind regards,
Mike and Rachel
Roseville, California
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