Preparing for Your Visit with an Infertility Specialist

Visit an Infertility Specialist
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You’ve been trying most of your adult life to not get someone pregnant. But now you really want rug rats…and it isn’t happening. The look on her face when her period comes every month is something you dread as much as she does. It’s time to get your fertility checked. Yes, men have infertility doctors, too.

The Facts of the Case

You have no reason to think that you could be part of the problem, but you might be. Here are the simple facts that you should think about in advance of a visit:

You Matter. Like much in life, it takes two to tango. A male factor is solely responsible for infertility in 30% of cases and a part of the problem in 50%. Indeed, you are a suspect.

Your Health Matters. It’s now clear that a man’s fertility potential is a reflection or “biomarker” of his overall health. That means that you could learn something that you don’t know about your health with this evaluation.

Your Past Matters. You bring to the table of your relationship your entire sexual history. And that includes good things like being fit and trim, and bad things like sexually transmitted diseases, drugs and anabolic steroids.

What You Do Matters. Many things that impair male fertility are reversible, including hot baths, pot and tobacco use, and medications. So, you can actually be part of the solution.

A Visit Like No Other

You might be fearing this doctor visit but you shouldn’t. It doesn’t hurt and, in my practice, it’s a single consultation. But do come prepared to be honest about your health and lifestyle, as that can really help speed up solutions. You’ll have to drop trou and have your jewels examined for things like varicoceles. In addition to the history and exam, often two semen samples and a hormone panel are needed to make a definitive statement about your fertility. And, if you’ve already had any of these tests done, bring them in for review. That’s usually it!

Here’s the good news. Getting yourself checked out is a lot faster and cheaper than to have your partner get evaluated. And, most of the time a diagnosis is made, even if it means that you’re “cleared” and need nothing more. I know that you may not want to face the music but do it for her!

2 thoughts on “Preparing for Your Visit with an Infertility Specialist

  1. Hi Dr. Turek,
    Thank you for your informative blog and educational resources. I’ve just completed my 3-month post-op semen analysis earlier this week after a micro varicocele repair surgery (5 veins clipped, left side) and was shocked to see almost all stats regress, and meaningfully (in my opinion, at least). Volume was relatively unchanged at an average 4 mL but my concentration declined from 1.62 L pre surgery to 0.34 L post, with lower sperm count (down from 6.8 million to 1.22 million), and lower motility (1.90M pre vs. 0.54 post). Other stats are similarly dismal, with forward progression rated “poor to moderate” (previously was “rapid unidirectional”). Alarmingly, my oxidative stress test results are through the roof – already high pre-surgery at 27.04 mV/M but surged to 146.8 mV/M. I’m 35, have never fathered a child, not (and never was) a tobacco user, haven’t had any alcohol since the new year, already did and continue to lead an active lifestyle, am very diligent with my diet (whole fresh foods, minimal sugars, no processed food), have been icing for the last 40 days, and have been taking OTC vitamins/supps for a 9 months to a year (fertility supplement, L-Carnitine, Co-Q-10, Vitamin C, goji berries, lycopene, fish oil, etc.). Additionally, my FSH, LH, and testosterone levels tested w/in the normal ranges (testosterone and LH slightly high at 836 ng/dL and 12.1 mU/mL, respectively; testosterone pre-surgery and prior to a 3-month Clomid try was at 632).
    I was hoping to get your take on these test results, as my wife and I honestly did not even contemplate that the numbers would be worse than where we started before any RX treatment or the surgery. We were hoping for a chance at natural conception (hence a first Clomid try and then the surgery) but are now likely contemplating IVF w/ ICSI given my wife’s age at 34, for a first-time pregnancy.
    Sincerely appreciate any insight and thank you for your time.

    1. Dear James, The final outcomes for varicocele repair should not be judged for at least 6 mos. The mean time to pregnancy naturally after Vx repair in my practice is published as 7 mos. Be happy to comment on the details of your case: consider a Virtual Visit with us!

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