Quiz: Is Your Erection Dysfunction Real?

There’s a painting in an estate sale in a tony neighborhood. It looks old but familiar: the Salvator Mundi motif, very popular among northern European painters in the 1500s. The “savior of the world.” Da Vinci painted one, or so it’s been said. It’s bought for about $60. A cool, old, really nice fake. Truth is, it’s a real da Vinci and it sold last year for $450 million at auction.

A real da Vinci; a real erection problem
Another real da Vinci, Salvador Mundi, lost and now found.

Real or not so real?

Erectile dysfunction can also be “real” or not. “How’s that?,” you ask. If it doesn’t work, any failed erection is very real to the owner. True, but there’s a distinction to make when I evaluate men with dysfunctional woodies. Because the penis is a canary in the coalmine of health, a valid biomarker for heart health. And, to a men’s health guy like me trying to help men keep running true and strong, that matters a lot.
So, here you are in the midst of the 3rd quarter closing, kids headed back to school and a million other little things front and center now that the lazy (yea, right) days of summer are dwindling away. And yes you’re having trouble keeping it up.
Take this quiz and see if you can tell whether the dysfunctional penis signals a real problem that merits a health evaluation, or just hints at situational overload that doesn’t.

True or False

Put on a doctor’s coat and help me evaluate which of the following scenarios represents clinically concerning or “real” cases of erectile dysfunction that merit thorough medical evaluation:
[qsm quiz=1]
The point here is that the penis has a mind of its own and is very sensitive to stress of all kinds, including the stress of any unhealthy lifestyle or body. Maybe you should treat an erection like a valuable da Vinci painting, and take the best care if it that you can by staying as healthy and stress-free as possible.