It’s tax day! Feeling powerless? It’s no wonder. In the words of Albert Einstein, certainly no mathematical slouch, “the hardest thing in the world to understand is income tax.”
Alas, you have done your best and the tax return is in. Time for a reward. What will it be: a new Tesla sedan, season tickets to the Giants, or a Diebenkorn Ocean Park painting?
Hardly! How about more like a dinner at In-n-Out burgers, a good movie, or some new tires for the car. Better yet, borrow from the coupon-clipping theme of the past, and go for a snip-n-save.

Vasectomy Economics

You worked hard, you saved hard, and you just missed “March Dadness” when your buddies got their vasectomies last month. Now’s your chance. Treat yourself to a 9-minute no-scalpel vasectomy and reap the economic rewards. Since you’re in tax mode, let’s break it down. Here is a simple cost-benefit analysis of getting your wings clipped compared to not having the nut-cut.

Vasectomy                        No Vasectomy

  1. Value (to partner)       Priceless                              Worthless
  2. Rug rats                          ++                                    (++++++)2
  3. Contraception            “No worries”            “Did you pull out in time?”
  4. Freedom                    Unbridled                              Shackled


Forget Economics

Putting aside the economics, there are other reasons for a vasectomy straight from the horse’s mouth:
“I have a penis without a conscience”
“I always ride bareback now.”
“My genes are not that great.”
“My first time for manscaping.”
“A whole day of Blockbuster movies!”
“My one chance to have bigger balls.”
“I needed a good third-hand tale.”
Whether it’s amortization, appreciation, bubble or bust, a vasectomy is one of the few gifts that, in simple economics, keeps on giving.