Try Taking This Testosterone Quiz

testosterone molecule
Vitamin T in all its bare nakedness (Courtesy:

It’s the molecule you meet at puberty and that changes everything. It’s the key to your sex life. It keeps your muscles looking good. It’s great for longevity. It’s the Holy Grail of men’s health. It’s testosterone, right?

Roids to the Rescue?

Take this quiz to learn more about what testosterone really is and isn’t.
True or False. Testosterone is essential for life.

Answer: False. Testosterone is more like sleep than oxygen: you can live without it, but not at your best.

True or False. Testosterone is anabolic and maintains muscle mass.

Answer: True. Vitamin T is great at maintaining and building muscle, and it works mainly by shortening recovery time after exercise.

True or False. Without testosterone, you will have no sex drive or erections.

Answer: False. Testosterone is not essential for either erections or sex drive but certainly improves the quality of both.

True or False. The more testosterone you have, the higher the sex drive and the better the erections.

Answer: False: Although testosterone is required for normal sexual health, adding more does not necessarily increase either erections or sex drive.

True or False. Bioidentical testosterone is safer and better than other formulations.

Answer: False. Testosterone is testosterone, no matter how you slice it.

True or False. Taking excess testosterone can have life-threatening complications.

Answer: True. Testosterone tends to increase blood counts (“blood doping”) and this can lead to blood clots, pulmonary embolism and strokes. Be careful!

True or False. Life stress, weight and overall health greatly influence testosterone balance.

Answer: True. Stress produces cortisol and stimulates the ‘fight or flight” response, which suppresses testosterone.

True or False. Most cases of erectile dysfunction are due to low testosterone.

Answer: False. Less than 5% of erectile dysfunction is ascribable to low testosterone.

True or False. The long-term risks of testosterone replacement are well known.

Answer: False. There is great controversy about the effects of testosterone supplementation on heart health. Remember, benefits are seen early in studies, but complications may take years of studying to realize.

True or False. There are ways to increase testosterone naturally.

Answer: True. Eating well, sleeping well, exercising and maintaining a healthy weight can work wonders for testosterone levels!