Who is Woody?

I’ve been asked in the office. I’ve been asked in the street. Who’s that guy on your website? What’s his name, is it Pete?
I am referring to character on the landing page of my website: The Turek Clinic.com. This line-drawing of a man is captured in various real life scenarios and, like most men, goes with the flow.
His name is Woody.

Who is Woody?

Let me tell you about Woody. He is a regular, decent guy. He opens doors for people he doesn’t know. He stands in line. He is curious but polite. He is thoughtful yet spontaneous. He likes his job but he also likes spending time with his buddies over a beer. He thinks he understands women but at times he is unsure. He is pretty self-realized and stays fit but can often lose sleep over work issues. He asks questions and he seeks answers. He researches before he buys. He dresses not too loud and not too drab, but enough to show his playful personality. He occasionally uses conditioner after shampooing.
He is the guy in high school who didn’t grab a lot of attention, but has turned out to have done quite well, thank you, and lives the smart life in the big city. Woody deals with life’s curve balls and can hit them well enough to get on base most of the time. Most importantly, although he is not loud, he has a story.

Why is Woody Always Around?

Woody hangs out on The Turek Clinic website for several reasons:

  • He is a regular, task-oriented, common sense guy.
  • He is the symbol of what is good about men in this world.
  • He finds the information about men’s sexual and reproductive health on the site helpful.
  • He was born there, created to participate in the flash animation sequences that appear as refreshable banners on The Turek Clinic’s website and blog.

Life is a journey and often a complicated one. It is my hope that Woody makes it easier for men to relate to the tough sexual health issues that they face in life. In this sense, he is a good buddy.
[youtube id=ljEWJaLnrOg?list=PLvX70FfFHfa5iB5EIHEThaQ1MBkeXralN]
Does Woody have a girlfriend? Yes, her name is Whoopie. More on her later.