A Tweet to Life, Health and Happiness

I was a guest “speaker” on a tweet chat hosted by Fertility Authority this week. My goal was to respond precisely and informatively to real-world questions about male infertility. Looking over the chat, I am impressed by the caliber, character and complexity of the queries posed to me.
There were some tweets that were answerable in a single word or two:

On the other hand, there were other tweets that could easily have merited an essay response:

Besides its high content quality, what impressed me the most about this conversation-in-the-clouds, was that patients really appear to “get” two very simple and fundamental truths about male infertility: (1) Overall health is tightly linked to reproductive health and, (2) there are basic things that you can do at home to improve male fertility. As I have been know to tout: “To optimize fertility, treat your body like a temple.” Thank you, Fertility Authority for helping me help men to help themselves (and their partners).
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