Tori & Dean: Vasectomy As Heirloom Investment

Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott recently had their 4th child. Stirring in the news though is why he avoided having his wings clipped after the last child. Dean recently addressed the rumor mill and confirmed that they indeed could afford a vasectomy but simply didn’t do it.
So, was it too expensive or not for them? Regardless, I have a different take on vasectomies: you really can’t afford not to do them! It is the single best contraceptive available today.

Investing in Jewels

Here’s a relevant perspective for the Spelling-McDermott family: Think of a vasectomy as an investment, similar to real estate. I know, I know, you can’t really compare the two. It’s like comparing very large rocks and small, precious diamonds.  To most men, the family jewels are in an entirely different league than other heirlooms. But, let me bend your ear for a moment for a quick analysis:
Investment Issue                   Home                               Vasectomy

Initial cost                                High                                  Low

Location                                   Important                         Critical

Garage space                          Yes                                    No

Stays organized                      No                                     Yes

Needs repairs                         Yes                                    Rare

Great for sex                           Sometimes                       Yes

Limits children                        No                                     Yes

Improves quality of life          Maybe                               Yes

Investment risk                       Low                                   Near zero

Return on investment            Good                                 Great

As an investment, from risk-benefit analysis, a vasectomy generally beats out buying a house hands down. Like many things, though, it’s all those soft-sided intangibles that prevent us from putting the money down and investing in our boys in the basement.