The Holiday Wall

What’s tall, quiet, colorful but messy, and hides bundles of joy? It’s The Turek Clinic’s traditional Wall of Holiday Cards.
A highlight of our year, this wall of greeting cards is a delight to behold. And, it does far more than reinvigorate the Clinic staff who, while cuddling hot cups of java, read it, sigh and smile.
Honestly, it’s also a great way of getting around the eternal problem of “men never call.” Several cards contain more kids than we remember, generating comments like “well, they’re at it again” or “that vasectomy reversal continues to do serve them well.” There’s one card from a family that has had a new kid in it every year for the past 3 years. Also exciting are the cards that contain baby #1, coddled by tired but effusive parents. And the most poignant are the cards from childless couples whose torch is still burning bright.
Best of all, the Wall of Holiday Cards reminds us that we are part of a larger family, a real live community, and need each other’s help. It’s just that simple.
So, from The Turek Clinic:

Happy Holidays!