When Things Really Click

Isn’t it great when things fall in place just the way you want? It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it certainly adds a snap to your step and a sparkle to your eye. Making that crazy deal happen, successfully introducing two of your friends, <a href="/surfing-is-life/

Catch the Vibe

The stars can align in medicine too. When art, science and wisdom blend just right, things click like you could never imagine. Choosing and executing the perfect surgical technique for the cure, nipping the infection in the bud, getting the recalcitrant patient to quit smoking, picking the right medication for the job, creating the perfect graft, and even correctly deciding to observe rather than cut. Great reasons to plant a corny fist pump.
These precious moments in life are not random. They result from magic created by the collusion of timing, fate, awareness, planning and insight. You really have to know what you’re doing when you catch that gorgeous wave that no one else did. And having good friends hit it off for the long run is also no accident. So true ring the words of Eckhart Tolle: “If you can get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.”

Dialing It In

I have been feeling the vibe all week, while finding sperm in men with azoospermia. Performed a bunch of laser focused surgical procedures to find testis sperm where no one has found it before. And it all worked and went flawlessly. Quick, straightforward; get the goods and get out.
But this wasn’t a chance thing. There was a just a bit of planning and engineering involved. These men, several of whom had failed sperm retrieval procedures in the past, were all “Mapped” in the office before I offered sperm retrieval. Their Maps showed sperm and they were encouraged to proceed with expensive IVF-ICSI cycles knowing that sperm would be found when they needed it most. Some needed microdissections to get sperm, but others didn’t. Simpler techniques such as needle aspiration worked just fine. When microdissections were done, they were performed only one side in all cases and sufficient sperm were found to freeze for more kids. And doing less surgery saves testosterone levels from plummeting, the collateral damage that is linked to these procedures. Maybe that’s why these men want to hug me after it’s all said and done? Hey, the vibe goes both ways!