Dr. Turek Reviews

Paul Turek, MD, is a world-renowned urologist and male sexual health expert. His extensive knowledge in the field of reproductive health is only matched by the compassionate care that he provides. Dr. Turek’s patients consistently praise his efforts, earning him a 5-star rating. Read on to learn more about the opinions and experiences of Dr. Turek’s previous patients.


Makes a Delicate Experience Comfortable… and Fun!

"If ever I have met someone who can make every interaction and exchange feel like the scene from a movie, it's Dr. T. Wow. We were met with insightfulness, professionalism, humor, and joy. He makes each experience, no matter how delicate, comfortable and fun. I was impressed and amazed. He is clearly a master of his artform, and few decisions in life can be as important as choosing the right fertility doctor. Dr. Turek receives our highest praise, respect, and admiration. I wish him all the good fortune and happiness he so rightly deserves, because he spreads so much goodness in the world."

—Name withheld, May 29, 2012

May 25, 2016

From Azoospermia Diagnosis To New Dad

"One month ago, my wife gave birth to our daughter! Three years earlier I was diagnosed with Azoospermia which is the medical condition of a man not having any measurable level of sperm in his semen. After taking multiple semen tests, they all came back with the same result: zero sperm. My wife and I were beside ourselves. We immediately began to seek professional medical help. Fortunately, we thought, living in the Boston area, we would be certain to find an answer to our issue. We spoke with multiple urologists, all of whom gave different opinions. Two said we should go the route of a biopsy and that we would have a 20%-30% chance of conceiving. Others wanted to perform a micro-dissection under general anesthesia with a little greater chance of success, but also a much longer surgery. Both of these would have required my wife to go through the IVF process where she would need to take all of the necessary fertility drugs to be ready in case they found sperm on the day of my surgery. None of these options sounded appealing. They required a lot of drugs and surgeries without any real knowledge if we had a good chance of conceiving.

Enter Dr. Turek. 
About 18 months ago, I was talking with my wife and we were frustrated, saying that there has to be another way. That's when my wife found Dr. Turek and the Turek Clinic online. We soon read about his technology of "Sperm Mapping", also known as "FNA Mapping". Sperm mapping is a procedure that "maps out" the location of sperm in the testis. Sperm mapping will tell you if you have sperm in your testis so that you can make an educated decision about having surgery. It takes about 1 hr and is done with a local numbing agent and a fine needle.  It's basically like going to the dentist.  I was sore for a few days afterwards, but within 2 weeks, we got the greatest phone call ever from Dr. Turek informing us that they had located sperm in both of my testis and that we stood at least a 90% chance of retrieving enough sperm for IVF if we were to go ahead with a micro-dissection. 

I am not a big fan of general anesthesia (which is what the other urologists had said they would need to use with a mirco-dissection), but Dr. Turek said that he does his surgeries under local anesthesia using Propofol. This was a huge relief to me! 

So, last January, my wife and I flew out to SF. We worked with the IVF lab in the same building as The Turek Clinic. The whole process couldn't have gone smoother. I had my surgery a week or so after our arrival. Dr. Turek found enough sperm to fertilize all of the eggs that they retrieved from my wife and was also able to freeze additional sperm for future use (if necessary). Six days after the surgery we learned that we had 4 embryos that had made it to DAY 5. The IVF doctors implanted one embryo into my wife and we froze the other 3.

 Two weeks later, we learned that we were pregnant! 

Dr. Turek and his staff could not have been nicer! They made the whole process as simple and easy as possible and we are so thankful for all of their help. 

To make a long story short, I can say with much confidence that Dr. Turek and his team know what they are doing and are among the best, if not THE BEST in the world at what they do!"

—Mike C., Boston, Massachusetts, December 1, 2012

May 25, 2016

A Doctor That Cares

"My wife and I would describe Dr. Paul Turek as a confident, caring, courteous, and extremely competent urologist that specializes in male infertility issues. After 5 years, my wife and I were blessed to welcome a healthy beautiful baby girl, "Madeline" born June 13th 2011. 

I found Dr. Turek during an Internet search. I was so impressed by the ample information provided on his website I just had to call and make an appointment. When you first walk into the office you are immediately put at ease with the modern, man-friendly décor. The entire wall in the hallway is covered in credentials and awards that Dr. Turek has received.

Quite frankly this was a somewhat embarrassing and very frustrating medical issue for me. However, I was greeted by very professional and friendly staff. The minimal wait time to see the doctor was refreshing. Dr. Turek brought my wife and me into his office and listened to our predicament. Did I mention he "listened?" We weren't rushed out of the office in five minutes so he could see his next patient. My wife and I both could tell right away that he was concerned and wanted to help. He asked a lot of questions which further assured me that we were working with a professional. Dr. Turek started me on a particular medication but when he saw that it wasn't working he was very aggressive in getting me started right away on HCG. Over the next several months and several phone calls from his office to my home in Fresno, my sperm count jumped from zero to 3 million! Dr. Turek then predicted my wife would be pregnant by the end of the year. Dr. Turek advised us that if we weren't expecting by then that we should do an IUI in his office. What an amazing thrill it was to call the office in October and let them know that not only were we expecting but we had done it naturally. What really blew me away was that Dr. Turek called personally to congratulate us after hours one weekend. Even the Nurse Practitioner (Paula) returned a call about a question over a weekend. 

Both my wife and I can attest that you simply are not going to get better care with any other fertility specialist. Thank you Dr. Turek and all your staff at the Turek Clinic!"

—Richard C., Fresno, California, January 10, 2012

May 25, 2016

Male Fertility Success Story

"Regarded as one of the top urologists not only in the States, but worldwide, Dr. Paul Turek came highly recommended from numerous sources. His credentials speak for themselves; however, what I was pleasantly surprised in was his caring and compassion toward my situation.

The realization of infertility can be a frustrating and emotionally trying time. For one who has always loved working with children and has dreamed of bringing up my own, I could never imagine how difficult it would be to learn that I might not ever have "one of my own." Dr. Turek and his staff (Paula and Judi) are top-notch. Each are professional and courteous in what they do. They made what can be a very difficult experience tolerable and comfortable. I was always thankful for their warm greetings.

The environment of the clinic is also non-threatening and you get a sense of personality rather than the drab decor of most MD's offices. This is most apparent by the surfboard hanging from the clinic's wall. The structure of the clinic is exactly as the pictures depict and is very inviting. 
Dr. Turek has given hope to my wife and I; something I did not have a couple of weeks prior to meeting with him. Although we understand that Dr. Turek cannot promise miracles, his work has moved us closer to believing that one may come true. We are grateful to have one of the top men's reproductive health practitioners in the world!"

—Dan T., Alameda, California, December 16, 2008

May 25, 2016

Help After Failed Vasectomy Reversal

"I do not usually write a review but with Dr. Turek I felt I had to. I have a unique situation and wanted others to know what a great find Dr. Turek is. I had my original Vasectomy over 14 years ago and 12 months ago I had a Vasectomy reversal that had failed!

Then I was lucky enough to find Dr, Turek. Simply put he is THE BEST. When I think of a doctor I want someone who is good at what he does and well bedside manner is second but not with Dr. Turek. From the moment you meet him (and his awesome staff of Judi de Guzman and Paula Chavez) he makes you feel at ease and gives you confidence not with fancy words or throwing out some nationwide success numbers. But Confidence because you know when you walk out of his office he is the best. He shows you HIS results and what HE has done. Not what the Urology community as whole has done. In other words he stands on his own work and his own results.

He is world renown and one look at what I call his 'wall of fame' and you know you have the right doctor! He is State of the art from the look of his offices to the exam rooms. Dr. Turek is cutting edge in all aspects of his practice and abilities! Being that this was going to be a "Re-Do" for me I was feeling worried that it might not work out for me and my wife. But this is where the Technical expertise of Dr. Turek comes in. I completely understood the procedure I was going to have and had NO questions and was completely at ease. After my surgery Dr Turek took the time to talk to my wife and answer all her questions.

That is the thing with Dr. Turek he takes the time. When he is with you, you feel like his only patient because he gives you 100% of his time and attention. I felt almost no discomfort from my procedure and I felt completely taken care of by the entire staff at all times.

Today I had my first analysis and true to his excellent skills I now am ready to have babies! I found that Dr. Turek's pricing was in line with everyone else but his skill level is the top of the chart! Do not waste time seeing someone else. Or try to cut corners. In the end it is your body and you may not get a second chance so go with the best. If your goal is to have a baby the only one other than Dr. Turek better at making that happen is God!"

—Michael W. 
San Jose, California, April 20, 2009

May 25, 2016

Champion Your Problem With You

"Guys, go see Dr. Turek if you have any, I mean any, questions about your reproductive health. He is an immediate asset to your cause and literally champions your case with gusto. 
Here is my story: About two and a half years ago: My wife and I totally frustrated and confused about why we were unable to get her pregnant after a year of trying.

About two years ago: Me sitting in a conference room at work shell-shocked at the prospect that we may never have children after receiving a sperm report which was extremely negative (low motility, low volume, low forward progress, poor morphology, etc etc). Today: My wife and I have a beautiful baby girl and a baby boy on his way!
Nothing in my life had been (or likely will be) more embarrassing, frightening, or intimidating. This was a high beta life-defining moment in which I unfortunately had zero control. Panic set in - what did I do wrong, why me, etc etc. This is not the kind of issue one shares with buds over beers ... there are so many questions; who can help?

Looking back, the recommendation that we consult with Dr. Turek was like a proverbial rope thrown down a well to save me trapped deep, deep inside. With a disarming and subtly humorous approach, Dr. Turek walked me through the entire (as deep or as high level, as I guided) logistics and operation of the male reproductive system. We rewound everything back to square zero and began with a clean slate. New tests, new assumptions, etc. Dr. Turek's men's health laser-focused facility (that is literally the only thing they do) and more personal attention/ownership allowed us to hone in on the real problem areas while putting distracting red herrings aside. His own, and respected colleagues', research reports and personal experience guided our joint analysis of my situation to navigate to the most optimal solution.

I went on steroids to boost volume, really watched diet/heat/etc, and tried to reduce stress. It sounds odd to say it, but this was when the feeling turned from helplessness to active ownership. I was suddenly in (at least a minor way) control of the situation. Dr. Turek's frequent up-beat and casual-yet-serious encouraging calls greatly reduced the stress. All of a sudden, my semen results were starting to look more normal. And my attitude continued to improve, which improved the results, and so on.

When we started IUI, the woman's health clinic still felt my sperm were still not healthy enough to get my wife pregnant.

Fortunately, Dr. Turek and they had a conversation and they deferred to his area of expertise. They said don't do it, it is a waste of time and money. He said do it; this is my area of expertise. [note: this was a big clash of the two sides of men's v woman's experts] Well, we all took his guidance and voila we had success on only the second IUI! And today we have a fantastic baby girl. 
Clearly Dr. Turek has the high reputation he has for a reason... What did I say above? He will literally champion your problem with you. What an asset on your side.

Nine months later, we started immediately preparing for a number 2 assuming we would endure another arduous and lengthy ordeal. However, I had a check up with Dr. Turek and some numbers were improved. He gave me the encouraging nod (and associated confidence) and recommended we start trying asap. It is all statistics after all ... and low and behold literally the first month we got my wife pregnant (unaided)!

Our story is one of an incredible reversal of fortune, and we do not forget for a day the Hell we once felt. Dr. Turek played an incredibly pivotal role in building our family, and we are forever grateful. Thank you. 
This is a hard story to retell as it illustrates a major vulnerability of mine. However, I hope it helps another dude like me who is sitting out there wondering where he can get confidential, expert, friendly, and problem-solving help for his personal problems."

, San Francisco, California, June 30, 2009

May 25, 2016

Leaving No Stone Unturned

"I am soon to become a father for the first time and owe a huge amount of that to Dr Turek. 

A year prior to seeing Dr. Turek I went to see another (well regarded) urologist as I had concerns about my sperm count after some issues and operations I'd required as a child and the fact that my wife and I didn't seem to be getting far with our attempts to get pregnant. That doctor told me flat out that I had absolutely no sperm and would never father a child. I had him re-test me three times and always got the same response.

Obviously my wife and I were extremely disappointed and upset and it led to many heated discussions about adoption, sperm donors etc. She refused to listen and pushed me constantly to get a second opinion — something I resisted as I didn't want to go through the whole process again only to be told the same thing — I know it shouldn't be in today's modern world but it can be humiliating and embarrassing to be told you're infertile and 'firing blanks'. After a year of these debates she found Dr. Turek and finally convinced me to go see him. I was instantly set at ease by the surroundings in the office as this is obviously a male doctor dealing with males about male issues. The décor reflects that — you will not find a copy of Vogue, Cosmopolitan or any other glossy ladies gossip magazine in this office! Instead you find classic car and motorbike magazines (I think Dr Turek is a collector), surfboards and model fighter jets (a gift from an appreciative military customer of Dr Turek's).

Dr. Turek walked me through a number of alternative processes that he could try to see if they could locate any sperm. Frankly, some of these will make your eyes water but he explained it all very clearly and also discussed the chances of success so I felt like I actually had the information that I needed to make a decision.

The first step was to do a basic sperm test to confirm the prior findings. I said they wouldn't find anything but Dr. Turek explained that they'd use a centrifuge technique which increased the chances of finding something as the results were condensed making it easier to spot any sperm swimming about in there. This was an improvement on the prior doctor's technique of using a microscope to examine the results. Dr Turek called me a few days later and told me quite calmly that I did indeed have sperm — not a lot of it — but enough to consider possible IVF! He worked with me for a year using various medications to increase the sperm until I had enough to provide decent samples for freezing and allow my wife and I to go through IVF — that worked first time and our first child is due a few months from now! We also have frozen reserves in store for future children.

In the end I didn't need Dr. Turek to practice some of the eye watering techniques he'd described to me but his simple explanation, basic testing and attention to detail meant that I was able to father a child. The prior doctor I used should have known better and at least let me know that these options existed whether he could do them or not. I can't recommend Dr. Turek highly enough. If you are having male fertility issues go see him — he may not be able to solve your problems but at least you'll know that having seen him, you tried everything possible, leaving no stone unturned and will not be left with doubt afterwards."

Larkspur, California, July 31, 2009

May 25, 2016

I Felt Extraordinarily Safe

"I have worked with Dr Turek over the past year or so to address some complex fertility issues. I won't know for a while if everything was successful, but I feel extraordinarily safe in his hands. He is an awesome combination of way-above-average professional skills, a warm and compassionate bedside manner, and a comforting sense of humor. It is clear that he is completely up-to-date on all the latest research, and this guides his practice. That said, however, he brings to the table a human touch that was essential in a rather stressful time.

He is aided by the aI Felt Extraordinarily Safelways awesome Paula Chavez. A supreme combination of a skilled practitioner and a close friend, she provided the support that I needed throughout this process. I can't recommend these guys high enough."

—Chris W., 
Eureka, California, November 27, 2009

May 25, 2016

Beyond Grateful

"I went to go see 3 other male infertility doctors who are considered the cream of the crop. All were considered the tops in this field. These 3 people basically told me that I was toast. I produced almost no sperm and the one's that I did were ALL dead. They said my only slim chance of hope was to do surgery, invasive at best, and pray some sperm are found. Also, they said that I would then be destined to be on hormone therapy injections for the rest of my life if I wanted to be a man.

I also saw Dr. Turek about 3 months ago. He provided me with a FULL and COMPLETE analysis of my case and provided me with other options to help me. Today, he has increased my testosterone levels from less than 200 to over 600!!!! All with the help of therapy and no testosterone or steroid use. He also is extremely hopefull that me and my wife will be able to conceive.

I am beyond grateful to Dr. Turek. He gave me hope and just didn't want to do surgery. He has been patient and gave me a chance to win this battle. He already solved one problem, and I finally feel I have a chance to win. If you are like me, SEE HIM!!!! You will not regret it. Even if he confirms that you only have one option, then at least you know you have seen the best in the business. By the way, I am also a physician. Thank you Dr. Turek."

—John A.
, Central Coast, California, April 15, 2010

May 25, 2016

Miraculous Work with Sperm Mapping

"Beginning in 2005, My wife and I were trying to conceive a child with no success. Shortly thereafter, I had a semen analysis done which indicated I had a zero sperm count. I had several analysis done after that with the same result, zero. I was subsequently referred to Dr. Turek, while he was still practicing at UCSF, and followed him when he opened his own practice at The Turek Clinic.

Soon thereafter, I underwent a procedure called fine needle mapping of the testicular region, a procedure which he and another doctor had developed to locate sperm in really tough cases such as mine. Although, my sperm count was extremely low as a result of the mapping, Dr. Turek was able to locate and extract 12 sperm from testicular tissue, which were later used in an IVF procedure. My wife is now pregnant. His work is nothing short of miraculous. I would highly recommend The Turek Clinic to any male in a similar situation who is seeking fatherhood. The man is a genius."

—Patrick M., 
Alexandria, Virginia, February 23, 2009

May 25, 2016