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Paul Turek, MD, is a world-renowned urologist and male sexual health expert. His extensive knowledge in the field of reproductive health is only matched by the compassionate care that he provides. Dr. Turek’s patients consistently praise his efforts, earning him a 5-star rating. Read on to learn more about the opinions and experiences of Dr. Turek’s previous patients.


Best Possible Care for Varicocele

"In my experience with medical professionals, it's rare to encounter a physician who is one of the foremost leaders and pioneers in his field and who has a true human touch (how many doctors would you enjoy having a beer with?). The same can be said about his dedicated staff. Dr. Turek is committed to providing the best possible medical care to his patients as opposed to practicing medicine purely as a business enterprise.

In January 2009, he quickly diagnosed and correctly treated me for the surgical repair of varicocele. Prior to surgery, Dr. Turek did a masterful job of explaining the process, recovery, and long - term goals. He made my wife and I feel that we a real part of the decision making process. On the eve of surgery, he called, personally, to clearly explain how the following day's events would unfold (a practice unheard of in my experience). Exactly as Dr. Turek predicted, I returned to normal activities five days after surgery without any complications.

Happily, he has agreed to monitor long - term improvements produced by the surgery.
 We are very fortunate that such a skilled physician has chosen to practice medicine in the 'old school' model of placing patient care and the human touch over profits. I cannot recommend Dr. Turek and his staff highly enough. I only regret that I did not seek his care earlier; thankfully my wife pushed me to do so."

—Mark M.
, San Francisco, California, January 29, 2009

May 25, 2016

Top Notch Doctor By Far

"I met Dr Turek when he was at UCSF. My wife and I think he is the 
most caring and encouraging doctor we have ever met. His depth of knowledge in his field is amazing and he treats us with such respect that we both feel comfortable around him. He is also an excellent communicator. He takes time to listen, explain, and we feel he has a genuine willingness to want to help, which is so rare these days.

With my complicated condition, there are not many doctors who can 
answer my questions. I met with many doctors inSan Francisco,Los Angeles and New York, but he is the top-notch doctor by far. I feel I finally found a doctor I can trust. We highly recommend Dr Turek."

—Norman G., 
Los Angeles, California, March 15, 2009

May 25, 2016

Vasectomy Reversal After 10 Years

"I went to see Dr. Turek about reversing a 10+ year old vasectomy. We sat down and pored through data. We examined costs and risks of the procedure. We looked at data for the last several years. He showed me success and failure rates, and regression analysis showing the factors that affected success rate. Then we compared these same factors to my own medical history and proceeded with the surgery.

The process was exactly as he said it would be, and all my decision-making was done with reams of medical data in front of me. The research he's compiled and published on success rates would be true of almost any other doctor I might have chosen to see. But Dr. Turek took the time to go through it all, explain all the terms to me, and never made me feel rushed.

He's about as well published an expert in the field of male fertility as you might find, and an incredibly nice person as well. Even if you go for an initial consult (which I did first) before you make any decisions, it's well worth your time."

Update: "We got pregnant within eight weeks."
Update 2: "We have a beautiful 1 year old baby girl as a result of Dr. Turek's work."

San Francisco, California, June 24, 2008

May 25, 2016

Success Story of David M.

Thirty-one year old David M. grows cherries and walnuts on a 100-acre farm in California’s fertile Central Valley. Talking to David, it is evident how proud he is of the farm he took over from his father. “Some of the land has been in our family for more than a hundred years,” explains David. Yet, despite how proud he is of his farming legacy, there is something he’s far more proud of: his new daughter, Brooklyn. Having a daughter is an accomplishment that almost never happened.

That’s because David was born with a condition known as cryptorchidism, or testicles that did not properly descend into the scrotum. It is the most common genital abnormality in boys, affecting 30% of boys delivered prematurely and about 4% born full term. ?To correct the problem, David underwent three separate surgeries as a young boy. Despite the surgeries, only one of his testicles descended. Yet after the last surgery, the situation never concerned David.

"Everything worked fine, so I never really thought about it," declares David. That is, until he met and decided to marry Lisa.

“We were in our late 20’s and having a family was very important to Lisa. She is the one who suggested I get a sperm count test taken,” says David. “I went to a local urologist and had the test done three times. Each time my sperm count was zero. It was devastating to hear this news just a month before our wedding.”

His urologist had no real advice except to suggest the couple plan on adopting children. “Adoption was out of the question for us. It took me a long time to decide I wanted to have children, but once I decided to, I knew I wanted my own,” says David.

Fortunately, Lisa was persistent. She went to Dr. Peter Hickox, an OB/GYN and fertility specialist in Lodi, California. That’s when Dr. Hickox referred her to Dr. Paul Turek of The Turek Clinic in San Francisco.

Dr. Turek, former professor and endowed chair at the University of California San Francisco and founder of The Turek Clinic, pioneered the technique, called FNA Sperm Mapping, that is able to discover pockets of viable sperm in the testes. The sperm can then be extracted with minimally invasive procedures and used for in vitro fertilization and single sperm injection.

“We were able to find multiple pockets of viable sperm in David’s testes,” said Dr. Turek. “I had no doubt we would be able to retrieve them so David and Lisa could go through with IVF.”

In fact, Dr. Turek was able to retrieve several vials of sperm from David, most of which is still frozen for future use.

“The egg retrieval was difficult for Lisa, but now we have a beautiful, completely healthy little daughter and several embryos frozen so we can have a second child when we are ready,” says David.

“In farming you work your butt off, but it’s worth it,” David says. The process for David and Lisa to have a child of their own wasn’t easy either, but both definitely agree it was worth the effort.

—David M., Central California, February 1, 2010

May 25, 2016

Waiting for Pregnancy Test

"Dr Turek, 
Thank you so much for all your help. 
I hear I was muttering 'you are angels' as I came out of sedation after procedure last Monday. That captures the exact feeling I have had as a patient in your practice. Every single call, every single visit, and every single interaction was met with the same thoughtful, caring, and extremely competent response. Thank you so much. 
Healing after my procedure last week has been very smooth. Our fertilization results were spectacular and extra of everything stored. We are in the waiting period before first pregnancy test and will send news as the journey unfolds. 
You are an amazing group. Thank you."

San Francisco, California, May 1, 2011

May 25, 2016

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