A Toast to the Jewels on World Vasectomy Day

You might think that publicly celebrating vasectomies is like celebrating root canals! But think about it. You have a root canal to relief pain and to be able to eat again, but you have vasectomy not only for you, but also for others, like family, and for the world at large. It’s taking one for the team.

The Family Jewels

You bet I honor men who get vasectomies: I give each of them a personalized, signed certificate acknowledging uncommon bravery and meritorious performance. So count me in on World Vasectomy Day.

Two Times Strong

This is the second annual World Vasectomy Day held, of course, during the month of Movember. The goal is to raise awareness of men’s role in family planning by having providers perform, and patients receive, vasectomies on one day. Last year, 3000 vasectomies were performed in 32 countries by some 500 providers. I bet this year, it’ll be double that, maybe even more than the number done during March Madness.

Vasectomy the Great

I think vasectomy is a great symbol of how man can engage in family planning. Here’s why:

  1. It’s the single best contraceptive ever developed
  2. The No Scalpel Vasectomy takes about 9 minutes to do
  3. It’s easier to go through than a root canal
  4. Fish stories” about pain are becoming the stuff of lore
  5. Unlike a condom, it requires no compliance from the owner to be effective
  6. It can make sex better and more carefree than ever
  7. Vasectomies are extremely reversible, even as they age

Believe it or not, there is somewhere on this earth where World Vasectomy Day will not be celebrated this year: China. As of this week, China just abandoned the One-Child Policy, a manifest steadfastly in place for the last 35 years, which kept a firm grip on population growth. It required contraception for citizens after a single child. So, now they allow two kids.
But the vasectomy celebration should go on, for most of us now and hopefully for more of us later, because, in the words of Shakespeare: “It’s not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”