The "Nuts and Bolts" Radio Audition

I’ve done my share of stints with national press, but this particular call from New York was different. Not an advertising pitch, it was the real deal: an invitation to co-host a 2-hour Sirius XM radio show on Doctor Radio.

Click and Clack on Men’s Health

As a car guy, I have been listening to Click and Clack on “Car Talk” for years on National Public Radio (NPR). Two Boston brothers, self described as “demented troglodytes,” teasing callers about their car problems before providing serious and sound advice. “Ma’am, exactly how long were you planning to drive your car making that awful sound!!” Witty, sarcastic, informative, practical and engaging, Car Talk is as good as radio gets. It was syndicated for some 25 years before the Tappet brothers recently retired the show.
I’ve been dreaming for years about doing the same thing for men’s health, Click and Clack style. On national radio, take calls on sexual health topics that matter most to listeners. Then, toss them around in jest for a moment and follow through with a line of solid, take-home information. Swing at all pitches, high and low, and fill the airwaves with wisdom and understanding on these historically radio silent medical issues.

Dr. Turek, I Presume?

So, imagine my excitement when, after various discussions with colleagues and producers, the invitation to do just that arrives by phone. “When do you want me there?” was my first response.
Co-hosted with Dr. Joseph Alukal from New York University, the “Nuts and Bolts of Men’s Health” Sirius XM radio show went swimmingly. The calls were perfect and listener engagement was high, even to the point of callers chuckling audibly while posing questions. Even better, call volume went through the roof and our nearby producers were laughing in their booths. A good time was had by all, and I believe that much wisdom and understanding of all things sexual in men was conveyed to a national audience.
If you listened and were moved, if you learned or laughed, or if you simply believe as I do that we should continue this radio series, please let Sirius XM radio know by commenting to them on Facebook or Twitter. This is not an election or a popularity vote. Rather, it is a much-needed prescription for better health care for men.
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