Why Make Up Your Mind?

The Case of the Year is an actual patient of The Turek Clinic.
They hailed from central Alaska, rugged folk who lived the extremes of weather and knew the undistilled rawness of nature. Self sufficient to a T, they were as robustly independent as Americans get.

You Want What?

“I’d like to have my vasectomy reversed…again,” he said in a soft, deep voice. Clearly a man of few words, the numerous lines in his face told a million stories. Sitting next to him, his partner looked at me knowingly and in agreement.
“Has it been reversed before?” I asked.
“Yes, and it worked fine, doc, but now we want more kids.”
“How many do you have?” I said curiously. “Only two. One before the vasectomy and another after the reversal.” Thinking out loud, I said, “So, you’ve had two vasectomies and a reversal?” “Yes sir.”

Couple Incarnate

There they were, right in front of me, a couple that perfectly illustrated the concept of “vasectomy as the new condom.” Being the independent types and having little access to care in rural Alaska, a vasectomy was the ideal contraceptive for them. No muss, no fuss. Thank you very much.
What’s so charming too, was that they relied on the vasectomy’s reversibility for family planning. Three kids were in the works for them from the start. And the family building path that worked best involved, simply enough, vasectomy and reversal.
Being his 4th procedure, the reversal was technically challenging, but successful. As expected, they also took the follow-up care into their own hands. About 2 months later, he called to report that they saw moving sperm in his semen under the home microscope. Oh, and his partner’s period was unusually late. Bravo.
In the spirit of the season:

Happy Holidays!