A Worthy Emancipation

I take care of a lot of men, for lots of different issues. And, sort of like a pediatrician, I have watched them grow over time into even better men. Men who are empowered. Men who take control of their health and own their lives.
Think about it, I cannot make the changes that my patients need to make; it’s up to them to do the heavy lifting. And when they do, when they realize that their best asset is their health, it’s a great thing. So, this July, please join me in celebrating male independence.

Floating Many Boats

Independence? From what? From a culture of assumed immortality. From near complete ignorance of signs of health gone awry. From the sense that abusing a young body has no consequences later on. From finding convenient excuses for not taking care of yourself during your short and precious time on this good earth. From forgetting that the tide that you create floats many boats besides your own.
So, here’s a toast to the all the men out there far and wide who believe:

  • That there are alternatives to booze (like exercise) for stress relief.
  • That smoking anything can kill you, eventually.
  • That feeding a potbelly is effectively choking a heart.
  • That a good night’s sleep is better than any vitamin you can take.
  • That what you eat determines who you are and how you look.
  • That preventative medicine is more that just brushing your teeth.
  • That your single best investment in life is your health.

And, while we’re at it, here’s another toast to all those, by intent or consequence, who help empower men to take command of their health: partners, loved ones, providers, friends, neighbors, teachers, mentors and heroes. For just as it took our entire country to achieve independence so long ago, even today it takes a village to make men live strong and live long.