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Music to Our Ears

For as long we have pounded drums and plucked strings, listening to music has affected people’s sense of well-being, lifting and consoling their spirits, inducing calm and tranquility, or the trance of dance. I have listened to the sounds of classical jazz during microsurgery operations throughout my professional career as a surgeon. Coltrane, Miles, Evans, […]

The Bumpy Lives of Teenagers

How seriously do you take the medical symptoms of your teenager? Aren’t the aches and pains, and the bumps and bruises the stuff of the young and the restless? Besides, kids are not supposed to get cancer and other bad things. That’s not fair play by God or Darwin. In any case, a new study […]

Sex: Warts and All

What is all this news about warts? Although incurable, genital warts (condyloma acuminata for the Greek among us) are the most common sexually-transmitted disease caused by a virus. The human papillomavirus (HPV) to be exact. Not to be confused with HSV that causes genital herpes. Less than 5% of those who have an HPV infection […]

Happy Anniversary to Testis GPS

It’s been 13 years. Certainly a significant amount of time for any recent tech start up, but also impressive for a medical procedure. It’s the 13th anniversary of the invention of fine needle aspiration mapping of the testis for sperm. Nine hundred cases and going strong and many families created along the way. It all […]

A Short History of the Y Chromosome

Among the many chromosomes in a man’s body, the smallest one with the largest personality has to be the Y chromosome. With it, you are a male; without it, you are a female, with few exceptions. More than any other chromosome, it really defines who you are. This tiny chromosome also controls other traits as […]

Are We Replacing Ourselves?

When a couple decides to have children, they rarely, if ever, contemplate the effect this has on the nation. But population scientists do. The effect that birth rates have on society is critical—as basic as knowing whether a nation is sustaining their population or not. But, trying to figure out if birth rates are going […]

Autumn in California

Autumn is approaching, and San Francisco is sweltering in an Indian summer.  In the city where I live and practice my profession, September is our most California-like month. The air goes still and briny as the breeze wanes, and drapes itself heavily on the roofs and hills. The clouds dance with delight in a painterly way. Our Junes […]

The Agents of Erection

The Agents of Erection – Common ED Treatment

Subtle, efficient, and powerful, Viagra® is a first-line agent of erection, along with its accomplices, Cialis® and Levitra®. True, there are other agents out there, such as penile implants and injections, but these three, the triumvirate of pills, started it all and are the go-to agents because they work so well for so many people. […]

Baby Making Tips

You might have “practiced” the art of baby making for quite a while. But have you actually tried to make a real baby? What does it mean when a couple says they’re “trying”, besides jettisoning the condoms, scheduling free time, and practicing your “sore throat” voice for calling in sick to work. No one teaches […]

Erectile Dysfunction: The Anatomy of an Erection

There is a bit of mystery that surrounds the average erection. The key to an erection lies within the male brain, through visual, auditory, or imagined stimuli, or through manual stimulation. Upon stimulation, the arteries within the penis relax, and blood flows into the penis at more than 20 times the normal rate.  The spongy […]