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Erectile Dysfunction: The Anatomy of an Erection

There is a bit of mystery that surrounds the average erection. The key to an erection lies within the male brain, through visual, auditory, or imagined stimuli, or through manual stimulation. Upon stimulation, the arteries within the penis relax, and blood flows into the penis at more than 20 times the normal rate.  The spongy […]

The Ailing Male Pill

A male birth control pill certainly sounds like a good idea. But after 25 years and millions of dollars of research, there’s still no pill. We put a man on the moon faster than we’ve invented a male pill. The question isn’t really whether it can be done, because it can. The production of sperm […]

Pullout Method of Contraception

Pulling Out Is In

Hold on now. Wait a minute. Don’t get too excited. If you thought “pulling out” was a feeble and ineffective method of contraception for the reckless and unprepared, well it is. At least at first glance. But given that at least 38 million couples use it worldwide, coitus interruptus warrants a second look. With its ancient yet undistinguished […]

Sexual Pop quiz

Sexual Health Pop Quiz #2

You may call me a stern and demanding taskmaster, but because the last one was so much fun, it’s time for another pop quiz on men’s sexual health. This one is based on real-life, case-based questions. 1)A man takes Viagra® in anticipation of a romantic encounter with his partner, hoping it will help him be […]

Infertility: Window into Men’s Minds

Recently, sitting face to face with an infertile patient, I asked him what the first thing was that came to his mind after being told that he had no sperm count. After a short silence in which his eyes gazed downward and then back again toward me, he stated, quietly “I thought it might be the […]

No Men. Just Sperm.

We saw it coming. We created stem cells from testis tissue and published it earlier this year and I mentioned previously that it should be possible to do the opposite and create spermfrom stem cells. Well, as announced yesterday from a research group in Britain, that possibility is closer to becoming a reality. Sperm created […]

Breakfast: The Best Fuel For the Engine

Most Americans wake up, rub the sleep out of their eyes, clean up and rush out the door. Breakfast is an afterthought. But soon after that, stomachs start to growl for some food energy. But by now it’s gotten a bit too late, and no oatmeal or egg will suffice. It’s time for doughnuts, or […]

Pop Quiz on Men’s Sexual Health

Ok, you have been reading about men’s health on this blog for months. Now it’s time for a little quiz. Number two pencil’s out? 1. True or False: Real men don’t cry or express emotion. False. Ever see Marlon Brando in Streetcar Named Desire, yelling Stella’s name in the streets? Too bad that men who […]

Testosterone: What it Does & Doesn’t Do

Testosterone is a misunderstood molecule. It holds such great sway over the human body that it has gained a reputation, and perhaps even a mystique. Society associates testosterone with Arnold Schwarzenegger (circa 1980s), with strength, virility, aggression, violence, square jaws, and six-pack abs. We also tend to blame testosterone for certain male tendencies and traits […]

You Are The Pill That You Eat

At some point as we evolved, well after the Neolithic period, we started thinking that there must be a better way to get nutrients, something faster and more efficient, than through the food we have eaten for tens of thousands of years. Our fantasy of the future was encapsulated with TV shows like The Jetsons […]