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The Prostate: All You Ever Wanted to Know

As a man ages, he is more likely to look at travel experiences as a series of restroom stops. He might begin navigating his way to the grocery store, the gas station or to a friend’s house for poker based on whether or not there’s a restroom conveniently located nearby. This may sound like the […]

Stem Cell Research with Dr. Turek

How Are Stem Cells Like Wine Grapes?

Silicon Valley started in a small garage across the way from Stanford University by one man named Hewlett and another named Packard. There is a historic plaque on that garage now, and a worldwide industry surrounds it. Stem cell research has just as much potential. Last week, I mentioned that I was a believer because […]

Stem Cells, Snake Oil and You

We’re way past bottled snake venom now. The new miracle medical cure lies deep within us, in our stem cells, if we can only figure out how to tap into them. 100 days into President Obama’s term, and it seems that the scientific community here in the U.S. might just be getting the fuel it […]

Ramirez: A Lesson in Steroid Biology

When a record-breaking athlete gets caught for doping, it’s not news anymore. It shouldn’t be. People have been taking drugs to increase physical prowess since ancient times. We’ve recently seen it with Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, and now LA Dodger’s star Manny Ramirez, whose urine tested positive for a medication on MLB’s banned substance list. […]

No Sex? Get Some Sleep!

As a men’s health specialist, I get to hear a lot of things that men wouldn’t tell their best friends. And a very common occurrence is their confession that they have lost some of their sex drive. “My partner is great and I used to want sex ALL the time, now it barely enters my […]

Economic Downturns and Vasectomy

The Vasectomy Hoopla & Economic Downturns

These are times fraught with uncertainty. A sunny day isn’t just a sunny day anymore: it’s also evidence of global warming. America has been at war for almost a decade, trusted financial institutions are folding and our economy appears to be on the verge of collapse. It seems only natural that people would look at […]

Spring, Bicycling, Sex and You

, a coming-of-age film filled with dreamy Italian bicycles. With the extra money I earned mowing lawns, I bought a beautiful Raleigh racing bike with gorgeous Italian gears and toured rural New England, feeling like I was one of the scrappy townies in the movie. And so my love affair with bicycles began. It took […]

Men, Oysters and Sex

The eating of an oyster is a tale of seduction. Crack open its rocklike shell at its most fragile point and it gives easily, revealing the delicate tissue at its heart. Eat it raw and it tastes of the soul of the ocean that made it. To many, it’s food pornography. An aphrodisiac. But oysters […]

Once Upon a Time in Barcelona

While in Barcelona recently, meandering through the Parc Guell and Sagrada Familia, the weight of what happened earlier that day hit me. I reveled, as anyone might, in the outlandish works of Gaudi, but a part of me remained sober, due to my participation in a debate at a men’s health conference. By the end […]

What we found: Male infertility and Cancer

So what did we find?   The study showed that men who are infertile have a much higher risk (3 times) of developing testis cancer later in life than the average citizen. And this was based on some serious number crunching. We worked from a huge database of over 51,000 infertile couples who sought care over […]