Meaningful Moments from 2014

What a year! 2014 was certainly one of exploration and adventure and I am not just talking about the stock market, the Affordable Care Act or oil prices. In the realm of men’s health, here are some personal highlights:

  • Fitness trackers catch fire. Those oddly shaped wristbands are not only conversation pieces, they actually help men burn calories and stay fit. Men do love numbers! 
  • Avenues of awareness. I learned that one great way to raise awareness about prostate cancer and men’s fertility and health in general is through the simplest of social media platforms: tweeting. Goes to show you that less (140 characters) can indeed be more.
  • The power of laughter and forgetting. Milan Kundera had it right in his novel of the same name. Laughter and stress reduction are great prescriptions for good health.
  • My year as SMRU president. It started with a vision and ended with “board meetings” in Hawaii. I hope that my legacy of putting the “health” into men’s health survives the ages.
  • Infertility as a marker of longevity. Helped along by our early research showing that male infertility could be a biomarker of future health, reports continue to pour forth suggests that male infertility is really a “disease” like any other.
  • Paternal age matters for sperm. The reproductive riff of being an older dad really unwound this year in both lay and scientific circles and caused quite a ruckus among us.
  • Sperm from skin? Not yet, but through the great potential of stem cells, we showed that we are much closer to this reality. And we picked up a patent on the artificial testicle to boot.

Looking forward to 2015? You bet. The future, if nothing, else, is another chance to make the world better.

  • Dr. Turek on The Doctors TV Show: Dr. Turek appeared as an expert to explain male factor infertility, DNA fragmentation and the importance of male fertility supplements, to help Gabe and Alexis become parents. Watch the segment online. Dr. Turek reviews the factors in Gabe’s case in this blog post. Are you looking for a prenatal vitamin for men after watching the segment? Dr. Turek recommends his own Essential Begginings – XY Pre-Conception For Him.

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